The entrance to Finnkino Tennispalatsi, Finland's largest cinema (Image: Lehtikuva)

News in brief

FINNISH MOVIE THEATRES ARE ALL SET TO OPEN ON JULY 1, following more than three months of closures due to COVID-19. Some larger theatres than met certain requirements were already permitted to open in June, but all remaining restrictions will be lifted next Wednesday. 

Despite this seeming return to normality, the cinema experience will be markedly different from before. The nationwide cinema chain Finnkino recently laid out their new 'social distancing measures' that will be put in place in all of their venues upon reopening.

There will be limited advance booking for all screenings, as well as staggered showtimes to reduce the number of people in each screen. In addition, seating arrangements have been adjusted so that each party will have at least two free seats on either side of them. All food and drinks will be pre-packaged and hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the venue. 

In a press release from the Finnish Cinema Association, Executive Director Tero Koistinen said that "people in Finland are very excited to finally get back to the movies again". 


Adam Oliver Smith - HT