Windmills producer by Enercon at the SABA Wind Oy Ab wind power park in Hanko. LEHTIKUVA

The highest inflation in Finland in the past 40 years was covered in an article by Macau Business published in January 2023. It explains the reasons for the increase in prices and how the inflation could continue.

In 2022 the consumer prices in Finland rose by about 7% which is the highest increase in the past 40 years. “Inflation in 2022 was exceptional compared to … past decades. Similar figures were last seen in the early 1980s,” chief actuary at Statistics Finland Kristiina Nieminen says.

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Photo: Andrei Baskevich

Finland’s strategies for traffic safety were covered in an article written by David Zipper for Bloomberg published in October 2022. It focusses on speed limits, fines, analysing accidents and handling icy roads to create a safe environment for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians equally.

After a 1968 transportation plan that earmarked additional 320 Kilometres of highway for the Helsinki region was rejected, the city of Helsinki decided to expand their transit system.

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A wild salmon. Photo: WWF

The ways in which traditional knowledge guides protection of planetary health in Finland are brought to the spotlight in an article written by Jane Palmer for Mongabay, published on 31st of March. The article follows a Finnish nonprofit, the Snowchange Cooperative, that started to restore the Linnusuo wetland in North Karelia in 2012. The nonprofit also launched an ambitious project to rewild it in 2017, inviting local traditional villagers to help with the process.

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The website of Israeli company NSO Group which features Pegasus spyware, pictured in Helsinki, Finland on January 28, 2022.

A Finnish businessman was arrested at Heathrow Airport over racist outburst at another passenger. The incident happened on November 11 last year and the story was published by Berkshire Live on 02.02.2022.

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Finnish pizza chain Kotipizza offers reindeer meat pizza under the name 'Berlusconi'

Finland was featured on TIME magazine in a story called “Inside Finland's Plan to End All Waste by 2050”. The article focuses on Finlands positive view of a circular economy, and how it is integrated into the education system.

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Finnish rock band The Rasmus is competing in the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu as one of the Eurovision 2022 song contest candidates.

A TikTok post of a Lapland woman about her trip to the supermarket, using the deer poser of a reindeer, caught the attention of The Byte. In an article published last week, the site covers the story of Janita Kenttälä who explains why in the face of high gas prices sho shifted to the more eco-friendly mode of transportation.

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The Kinner has been praised for its sleek and elegant design, which resembles that of a classic car/Image credit: Kinner

Multiple media outlets reported that Finland is set to establish a state-owned company to help people with disabilities find employment in the country. 

The initiative, called the Work Ability Programme, is part of the country’s plan to achieve a 75 percent employment rate by 2025. It will focus on offering job opportunities to vulnerable groups and those with reduced working capacity. 

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A white-tailed deer basking in the sun in Porkkala, Kirkkonumi, Finland in August 2020/Lehtikuva

Finland’s white-tailed deer were the subject of discussion in an article published by Star Tribune this week. According to the article, the animals were first introduced into Finland’s forests by two Finnish-Americans from Minnesota, U.S.

The deer were brought to Finland in 1934, at a time when the country’s reindeer, roe deer and elk populations were declining due to urban expansion and poverty. Finnish-Americans Eino Saranen and Lester Ketola initiated the transportation of three bucks and four does by train and ship from the U.S. to Finland.

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Finnish producer and writer Jani Pösö (R) and filmmaker Teemu Nikki celebrate winning the award for Best Series for Mister 8 at the closing ceremony of the CanneSeries festival in Cannes, France on October 13/Lehtikuva


The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) made headlines this week after announcing that it has developed a solution for cement production that has nearly zero emissions. 

The institute’s new method of producing cement and quicklime uses low-emission electricity instead of combustion, drastically reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the process.

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A still from the film Compartment No. 6/Lehtikuva

Finnish film Compartment No. 6 sparked discussions this week, with an article in Euronews questioning whether it could be Finland’s first contender for an Oscar nomination in 20 years. 

The film, directed by Juho Kuosmanen and based on a novel by Finnish author Rosa Liksom, has been praised for its humour and won the runner-up Grand Prix award (shared with Asghar Farhadi’s A Hero) at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

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The entrance to the Temppeliaukio Church, also known as the Rock Church, a key underground attraction in Helsinki/Wikipedia

Helsinki’s underground tunnel network was the subject of discussion this week in an article published by travel and tourism website TravelPulse. Below Finland’s capital lies a vast labyrinth of passages and buildings used for retail, sports and cultural activities.   

Helsinki first began digging up its surface in the 1980s during the Cold War, with the aim of creating a subterranean space that could contain the city’s entire population in case of an attack. 

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