Norilsk Nickel, the world's largest producer of nickel and palladium, is closing down obsolete plants, as announced at the company presentation for the Investor Day in London recently. As company representatives explained, this decision is a part of Nornickel's updated environmental strategy.

Norilsk Nickel strives to ensure its environmental friendliness and reaffirms goals to reduce pollution.

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Nokia’s performance in the 5G space has begun to stir up concerns among investors, industry analysts and the company’s employees. (Hector Retamal – AFP/Lehtikuva)

THE SITUATION of Nokia has sparked off concerns among not only industry analysts but also the employees and owners of the Finnish mobile network equipment supplier.

Lasse Laurikainen, a shop steward for senior salaried staff at the headquarters of Nokia in Espoo, told Bloomberg on Friday that the company’s management has been distracted by disagreements over priorities and staffing since the acquisition of Franco-American Alcatel-Lucent in 2016.

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Greater Helsinki is rapidly emerging as a global health industry leader (Image: Lehtikuva)

IF YOU WERE TO ASK someone what they thought Finland’s greatest economic strengths were, they would likely list off the classics; paper, telecoms, and Angry Birds. However, one emergent area of the economy that runs the risk of being overlooked is the health sector, which includes biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, the epicenter of which is Greater Helsinki.

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Posti’s Box has been designed to bridge the gap between the home and webshop. (Handout – Posti)

POSTI on Monday announced it is about to launch a new kind of service for online shoppers and retailers on Keskuskatu, Helsinki, in November.

The Finnish state-owned postal services provider said the new facility will feature fitting rooms, a massive parcel locker and a digital kiosk, while also serving as a brick-and-mortar site for online retailers.

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Steve Wozniak was interviewed by Henkka Hyppönen. Photo by Alireza Hasanpour

The 10th Nordic Business Forum was held on 9 - 10 October in Helsinki. This year the magnet of the two-day event was Hollywood actor and activist George Clooney while Last year's main speaker was the former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Inviting at least one prominent speaker has been a so-far successful marketing strategy for NBF. Next year's speakers are usually announced at the end of each forum, right before the main speaker when the hall is full. The audience then gets a considerable discount if they reserve their tickets in the next few hours. 

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Nokia on Thursday shocked investors by saying it has cut its outlook for 2019–2020 and will forgo dividend payouts for the third and fourth quarters of 2019. (Markku Ulander – Lehtikuva)

NOKIA on Thursday posted an acceptable third-quarter result, but shocked investors by announcing it has downgraded its outlook for the year and decided to forgo dividend payouts for the third and fourth quarter.

The Finnish mobile network equipment maker said it has slashed its full-year operating margin outlook from 9–12 to 8.5 per cent. The outlook for next year was similarly cut from 12–16 to 9.5 per cent.

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Matilda Ahola (left) and Eemil Lähteenmäki (right) demonstrate robotics to Heljä Misuka, The education director of the Trade Union of Education in Finland, OAJ, in a pop-up school in Helsiniki on 4th Oct. 2019. Education was one of the topics with Haigh satisfaction in Finland.

Trust and social cohesion bounces back to pre-crisis levels across the EU, with people in Finland and Denmark having the highest trust in national institutions.

Contrary to a generalised concern about a ‘crisis of trust’ in the aftermath of the financial crisis, trust in national and EU institutions has bounced back to pre-crisis levels, while civic engagement has increased, and perceived social exclusion has decreased.

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image: ICPonline

The number of persons with payment default is record high. To prevent over-indebtedness, a responsible credit grantor must be capable to calculate the credit applicant’s payment ability, i.e. the monetary amount he/she has available each month to manage the loans. The payment services directive PSD2 has now made it possible to calculate the payment ability more accurately than before, by making use of the applicant’s account data with his/her consent. 

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a visual history of Nokia phones

There was a time where Nokia phones were the dominant force in the world of mobile communication. Today, however, these devices make up only a small fraction of the total numbers sold. Still standing as one of the biggest influences on mobile tech, we want to take a brief look at what made Nokia great, and what led to their eventual decline.

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Heikki Malinen has announced he is stepping down as the chief executive of Posti, the Finnish state-owned postal services provider. (Seppo Samuli – Lehtikuva)

HEIKKI MALINEN, the chief executive of Posti, has submitted his letter of resignation to the board of directors at the Finnish state-owned postal services provider.

Malinen on Wednesday stated in a press release that the board set him three objectives when assuming his responsibilities in 2012: maintain the profitability of operations, build future growth and prepare the company for listing.

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