With its vegan and organic ingredients, HairLust is becoming one of the most popular hair care brands in Finland. The haircare brand offers everything you need to tame your tresses and protect against damaged and split ends. 


Organic ingredients to boost your hair 

With increasingly busy everyday life, a little bit of self-care is a great way to relieve some of life’s stress. Taking the time to enjoy your small rituals that are usually seen as chores or hard work. Rituals like washing and conditioning your hair, massaging your scalp, and gently brushing your hair. 

All of these rituals are a fabulous way to care for your hair and to promote hair growth. Looking after the condition of your hair is the best way to prevent hair loss and breakage. Using nurturing ingredients, like rice extract, to effectively support your hair’s natural state and reconstruct dry or damaged hair will get you a long way.

HairLust products are certified organic and their ingredients lists are impressively clean. All ingredients are specifically formulated to work with your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients in the most effective way. Every single HairLust product is carefully developed and created with Denmark’s leading pharmacists, chemists, and nutrition specialists. 


Hair care to suit every hair type 

Do you struggle with extremely dry or damaged hair? Or perhaps you feel your hair is dull or lacking in shine or lustre? 

HairLust has developed hair products to suit nearly every hair type. However, HairLust has not just stopped at shampoos and conditioners. HairLust also offers hair care from within in the form of dietary supplements and other tools like massage brushes. HairLust also offers carefully developed hairbrushes and soft, silk pillowcases to prevent damage and breakage. 

With HairLust by your side, you can combat anything from split ends and damaged hair to dry, itchy scalp and thin hair.


Started from supplements are now they’re here

The brand was founded back in 2017 by Sofie Tidemand and Rasmus Serup. Both of them noticed how prevalent hair loss was within society, especially with women, where it is often not discussed as openly as male hair loss.  

Instead of accepting the sad reality of hair loss, Sofie and Rasmus they started to delve into the hair loss industry by developing supplements to support hair growth and reduce hair loss. With a previous background in the supplement industry, they started to expand their knowledge on the effect of inner health and its impact on hair loss or hair condition. This is when HairLust was born. 

What started as hair supplements has now grown and expanded to a huge variety of hair care products. These products include specialised hairbrushes and massagers, hair masks, hair treatments, and oils. 

HairLust has been featured in many well-known magazines, such as Elle, Marie Claire, and Grazia, and the brand and its products have been widely celebrated at beauty awards. Their formulas and ingredients work to nourish your body from the inside out, and with their external products, you can further support your body’s natural hair growth ability with high-quality and organic ingredients.