Rovio, Supercell, Remedy – globally renowned Finnish game companies. But where are the new Finnish game developers and companies? The future of the industry is being fortified through broad collaboration.

Open Creative House, known for its involvement in the music and audiovisual sectors, is expanding into the gaming industry by launching a new gaming hub in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

On Friday, September 8, 2023, a weekly lecture series in collaboration with Helsinki Games Capital will kick off and run until the end of the year. Espoo City is also partnering in support of this course, which focuses on assisting new players in the gaming industry.

"Game Business Love Product" is a free course where industry experts share insights into gaming business practices and their experiences along their career paths. The course is open to game developers, players, students, and anyone interested in the industry.

Jonne Taivassalo, the CEO of Helsinki Games Capital, explains that the gaming industry's business landscape is in constant flux. Over 90% of the industry's revenue is generated by companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Despite this, there are very limited support instruments for early-stage companies in the region. Funding is typically available only to firms whose founders have decades of experience or have tried their hand in the gaming industry multiple times.

Taivassalo states, "I'm talking about an ecosystem debt: if new entrepreneurs don't emerge, it will impact the industry's growth within three to four years. Many individuals face challenges finding employment in the gaming industry between graduating from school and securing their first job. We want to support aspiring creators at the grassroots level."

Helsinki Games Capital has engaged in constructive discussions about collaboration with Espoo and Aalto University. Whether they succeed or fail, these new entrepreneurs will become genuine experts in the gaming industry, making them attractive to larger companies in the field.

The gaming industry is far more diverse than commonly imagined, with professionals from various backgrounds working alongside coders. Business and art are just as important as technology.

The course's idea is to share comprehensive knowledge about gaming business practices. In addition to lectures, participants have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and enthusiasts, potentially opening doors for them. The goal is to inspire and potentially even nurture new entrepreneurs.

Taivassalo emphasizes, "Entrepreneurship is a fast way to learn."

Juka Hynynen, the founder and CEO of Open Creative House, is excited about this new initiative.

"Historically, OCH has had a vision of bringing the music, AV, and gaming industries together under one roof. These industries share many similarities and are interconnected both in terms of business and artistry. However, in Finland, they have been structurally separated. Our goal is to turn Open Creative House into a hub that enables business growth through cross-sector innovations and collaborations," Hynynen states.