Finland in the world press

Finnish herders dab reindeer antlers with fluorescent paint in latest attempt at halting thousands of road deaths of the roaming caribou in the wilds of Finland’s Lapland."It may sound like a funny and wacky idea, but some guys in Finland started to paint the antlers of reindeer with fluorescent paint, for very serious road safety reasons.

This measure was implemented in an effort to curb the thousands of deaths recorded annually in Finland, as roaming deer are hit by vehicles on the streets. Deer are quite common in Finland and they travel all over the place, ofter crossing highways and causing accidents.

So far, the idea is in an experimental phase, as Anne Ollila of the Finnish Reindeer Herder's Association says. The organisation tends to around 200,000 deer in Finland and this is only the latest attempt to provide deer with enhanced safety..."

Lehtikuva / Anne Ollila