Roal Electronics was founded in 1984 by two young and ambitious men, Rodolfo and Alberto who gave the name of the company from the first letters of their names: Ro-Al.

For the people of Castelfidardo, Roal became the symbol of prosperity and pride. Being a part of Roal meant security, future for our children, the fulfilment of our dreams, no worries for "tomorrow". Working for IBM first and then for Alcatel, National Instruments, Cisco, Barco and many others was always a pride for all of us working here and day by day we did our best to improve our knowledge in order to give Roal all the opportunities it deserved.

Roal is a leader company in the field of electronics with its production in Tunisia , its headquarters in Castelfidardo, Italy with planning, laboratories, sales, purchasing, financial and administrative offices, etc.

The European economic crisis has turned Roal into an easy opportunity for Efore Finland to acquire, so Roal Electronics was taken over on 10 July 2013 by Efore based in Helsinki.

Efore took over a healthy company whose turnover at the end of 2012 was of more than 39 million euro.

Two days after the takeover, on 12 July, the managing directors A Leopardi from Roal and V. Vähämöttönen from Efore took part in a meeting with the Italian Roal staff and assured all of us that there would be no structural change as far as Roal is concerned; moreover, they stated that it would be an opportunity to grow together aiming at the same targets.

We were told that from now on we will work together as a team, merging into a multinational company with more opportunities and challenges all over the world. We were very confident about it and very proud of belonging to this new synergy.

But, all of a sudden, after less than 5 months Roal and Efore proceeded to dismiss the staff in Italy, i.e. 51 dismissed from a total of 146 employees. Unfortunately we realised that it was an exclusively unjust commercial operation, where we, the human resources of this new company are considered only numbers and no more a part of the new synergy. Most of the dismissed persons have a family with children to be looked after; now we are desperate, with no future for us and for our children.

Italy is one of the most involved countries in the economic crisis, and losing our job now, after so many years of sacrifices dedicated to Roal, is the end for us and our families; no hopes for the future.

Local and national media (RAI 3 Marche, TVRS, newspapers like "Il Messaggero", "Il Corriere Adriatico" , "Il Resto del Carlino" etc), side by side with trade unions sustain us in our everyday struggle.

The mayor of Castelfidardo together with the Region Marche are on our side to keep Roal in Castelfidardo.

We hope that Efore will fulfill their promises and not dismiss anyone.

We kindly ask you to be our voice in Finland as well. Thank you in advance for your help.

The 51 dismissed employees of Roal.