Finnish producer and writer Jani Pösö (R) and filmmaker Teemu Nikki celebrate winning the award for Best Series for Mister 8 at the closing ceremony of the CanneSeries festival in Cannes, France on October 13/Lehtikuva

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The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) made headlines this week after announcing that it has developed a solution for cement production that has nearly zero emissions. 

The institute’s new method of producing cement and quicklime uses low-emission electricity instead of combustion, drastically reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the process.

Cement, one of the primary ingredients in concrete, is currently the most used building material in the world and is responsible for 7 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. 

French luxury fashion brand Chanel has teamed up with Finnish start-up Sulapac to create a bio-based perfume bottle cap. Chanel’s 125-ml Le Eaux de Chanel fragrances will now feature a cap made from plant-based materials procured from renewable resources and FSC™ certified wood chips.

The companies reportedly worked together for two years to develop the product, which was finally achieved after 47  unsuccessful tries. Chanel was the first cosmetics company to invest in the Finnish start-up in 2018. 

Meanwhile, Finnish comedy Mister 8 won the best series award at this year’s Cannes International Series Festival (CanneSeries), which celebrates TV shows. Filmed in black and white, the show follows a CEO (played by Krista Kosonen) as she navigates her messy love life. 

Pekka Strang, known for his role as Tom of Finland, won the best performance prize for his portrayal of the eponymous Mister 8. The show is backed by Finnish SVOD (subscription video on demand) provider Elisa Viihde Viaplay.

Helsinki came into the spotlight this week for its ambitious plans to eradicate homelessness by the year 2025. The city plans to achieve this by hosting events such as “Homeless Night,” which seeks to raise awareness about the issue. 

Additionally, initiatives such as the Donate Heat project collect and distribute winter clothing as well as items such as hygiene products and sleeping bags to homeless people. 

The capital city also made news for a new initiative that invites motorists to map out socially responsible driving routes. The Code the Streets project, which is a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam, City of Helsinki and multiple universities and institutes, will take place during October and November. 

The initiative offers users suggestions on how to take the fastest and most “social” route, and avoid those that are crowded, close to residential areas or schools and have higher pollution levels. Helsinki is currently considering the introduction of a congestion charge.

Finnish research institute develops low-emission cement production method 

The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) announced that it has developed a new method of producing cement and quicklime that brings the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the process down to nearly zero. 

The method involves using a 12-metre gas-tight, electrically heated kiln instead of the standard combustion. The kiln traps any carbon dioxide released during the process of producing cement. 

According to VTT, the kiln could also have applications in other industrial sectors and could be used to decrease emissions when producing materials for batteries and asphalt. 

Original story was published by Big News Network on 13.10.2021 and can be found here.


Chanel collaborates with Finnish start-up to develop bio-based caps for perfume bottles

French luxury fashion and beauty brand Chanel has launched bio-based caps for its Les Eaux de Chanel fragrance that have been developed in collaboration with Finnish start-up Sulapac. 

The caps, which are made out of 91 percent bio-based materials that have been acquired from renewable resources, are composed of three layers. The glass bottles also allegedly use less raw materials as they are thinner and lighter than standard perfume bottles. 

The cap’s material reportedly had to meet Chanel’s rigorous standards regarding sound, matte finish and resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Original story was published by Premium Beauty News on 11.10.2021 and can be found here.


Chanel's 125-ml Les Eaux de Chanel bottles began incorporating the bio-based cap developed with Sulapac this year/Image credit: Sulapac


Finnish comedy declared best series at CanneSeries Festival

Finnish comedy thriller Mister 8 won multiple accolades, including the award for best series, at this year’s Cannes International Series (CannesSeries) Festival.

Created by Teemu Nikki, the black-and-white series follows the exploits of Maria, a highly-organised CEO of a family company who has a different lover for every day of the week until she meets the titular Mister 8.

Original story was published by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter and can be found here and here. 


Helsinki aims to eliminate homelessness by 2025

The City of Helsinki is reportedly updating its poverty strategy with the goal of ending homelessness by 2025. The city will hold its annual “Homeless Night” event from 15–17 October this year. 

The event, which will have a physical as well as virtual format, seeks to draw attention to the role played by society in eradicating homelessness. In September, the Donate Heat project, organised by the A-Clinic Foundation in collaboration with the Preventative Substance Abuse Association, set up collection points for winter clothing in libraries across the city. 

Original story was published by TheMayor.Eu on 14.10.2021 and can be found here.


Helsinki to participate in street coding study

The City of Helsinki, along with the City of Amsterdam, is introducing a mobility initiative called Code the Streets to help ease congestion and encourage motorists to take the most socially responsible routes. Any motorist with an Android phone who drives in either city at least once a week can participate.

The project is a collaboration between the cities of Amsterdam and Helsinki, Aalto University, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), Forum Virium Helsinki, Technical University Delft and The Future Mobility Network, and will trial new functions in the TomTomAmiGO traffic navigation app and Mercedes-Benz’ navigation planner.   

Original story was published by Cities Today on 13.10.2021 and can be found here.



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