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Finland in the world press

Finnish film Compartment No. 6 sparked discussions this week, with an article in Euronews questioning whether it could be Finland’s first contender for an Oscar nomination in 20 years. 

The film, directed by Juho Kuosmanen and based on a novel by Finnish author Rosa Liksom, has been praised for its humour and won the runner-up Grand Prix award (shared with Asghar Farhadi’s A Hero) at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Sony Classics has secured the rights to the film for a U.S. release. Finland has not submitted an entry for Best International Film at the Oscars since Aki Kaurismäki’s The Man Without A Past in 2002.

Finnish teen Nella Salminen made headlines this week when she took on the role of President of Finland for a day. The initiative was part of #GirlsTakover, an international girls’ rights campaign.

The 16-year-old won the chance to work alongside President Sauli Niinistö on Wednesday. The campaign, which is organised by the charity Plan International, enables teenagers around the world to participate in political or business decision-making for one day.  

Salminen reportedly discussed several issues, including the impact of online misinformation on adolescent girls and young women (this year’s theme for the campaign), with Niinistö.

Finland’s pavilion at the Expo 2020 in Dubai was also in the news this week. The pavilion, which is named “Snow Cape,” highlights Finland’s nature, technology and the principles that govern its success through an interactive journey for visitors. 

Mika Lintilä, Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs, was among the officials who inaugurated the pavilion on 1 October. The central theme of the exhibit is Sharing Future Happiness.

International newspapers also reported on Finland’s plans to begin vaccinating minks against the COVID-19 virus. Authorities have approved the temporary use of an experimental vaccine to be used by fur farmers.  

Minks, which are widely bred for their fur, are currently thought to be the only animal that can transmit the virus to humans. The vaccine has been approved for use only in Finland, which has not registered any COVID-19 cases among minks so far.

In other news, the ban on salmon fishing imposed by Finnish and Norwegian authorities in early 2021 has yielded results. According to the National Resources Institute Finland, some river tributaries have already seen double the amount of spawning salmon since last summer.   

Authorities were compelled to enforce a complete ban on salmon fishing in River Teno (or Tana),  a 361-kilometre-long river running along the border between Finland and Norway, due to an alarming decline in the salmon population. 


Finland could have its first Oscar entry in 20 years

Finnish filmmaker Juho Kuosmanen’s widely acclaimed Compartment No. 6 could be Finland’s best chance at winning an Oscar in 20 years, according to the speculations of movie critics. 

Kuosmanen is hoping the film will be chosen as Finland’s entry for Best International Film at the 2022 Oscars. The 2002 comedy-drama The Man Without a Face, directed by cinema legend Aki Kaurasmäki, has been Finland’s only nomination for the category so far. 

Shot almost exclusively on a train, the Russian-language movie explores the interactions between a Finnish woman and a Russian man who are forced to share a compartment during a long journey. The film will be released in Finland on 29 October. 

Original story was published by Euronews on 01.10.10 and can be found here.


Director Juho Kuosmanen (Right) with actress Seidi Haarla and cinematographer J-P Passi during the filming of Compartment No. 6/Lehtikuva


Finnish teen becomes president for a day

16-year-old Nella Salminen was chosen as this year’s Finnish representative for the global #GirlsTakeover initiative, which places girls around the world in key positions of power for a day to promote equal rights and representation. 

Salminen, who crossed paths with several officials and spoke at an international climate action conference, described her day as “the best thing I’ve experienced in a long time.”  

Nella said she hopes that adults will be able to recognise the need to include girls in key decision-making and not neglect their potential. She also revealed that she hopes to become a diplomat herself or even president someday. 

Original story was published by Macau Business on 07.10.10 and can be found here.


Finland offers visitors an interactive journey at Expo 2020 Dubai

Finland’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, titled “Snow Cape” or “Lumi,” exhibits the country’s cultural heritage and love for nature and is constructed according to the principles of a circular economy. 

It also showcases Finland’s commitment to sustainability and technological innovation. The pavilion, which was designed by Finnish architectural firm JKMM Architects, opened its doors on 1 October. 

Original story was published by Construction Week Online and ArchDaily and can be found here and here


Finland approves COVID-19 vaccine for minks

Finnish authorities have granted temporary approval for an experimental COVID-19 vaccine for minks on fur farms. The approval will be valid till the end of December, after which more data will have to be provided. 

Minks, which are bred for their fur, are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus and can transmit the disease to humans. The Finnish Fur Breeders' Association collaborated with researchers from the University of Helsinki to develop the vaccine.

As the vaccine has not yet undergone clinical trials, it cannot be distributed commercially and will be used and monitored according to strict regulations on Finland’s 1,000 fur farms. 

Original story was published by Euronews and Medical Xpress and can be found here and here.


Fishing ban helps boost salmon population in Teno River

A disastrous decline in the salmon population led authorities in Finland and Norway to impose a complete ban on salmon fishing in the Teno River, which runs across both countries, earlier this year. 

The National Resources Institute Finland reports that the ban has resulted in salmon spawning stock doubling in two river tributaries and tripling in one of them. However, researchers say the amount and species of salmon being bred are still not at the optimal level.

Additionally, while the fishing restrictions appear to have positively impacted salmon spawning, they have had a detrimental effect on the local economy and livelihoods.

Original story was published by The Barents Observer on 05.10.2021 and can be found here.


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