Solar Foods is applying for novel food approval for the artificially produced protein (Image source: Solar Foods)

Finland in the world press

Finnish startup Solar Foods has been receiving significant attention from the international media for its attempts to create a plant-based protein “out of thin air.” 

The company has received 25 million euros in state and private funding to develop the product, which it says can be used in health drinks, yogurt and even as a meat substitute. 

Known as Solein, the product resembles yellow flour and contains 65 per cent protein. It is manufactured in a laboratory using a miniature bioreactor.

Three young scientists from the University of Helsinki also made waves this week when they won the 2020–21 Dance Your PhD competition. 

The team of postgraduate students used rap to explain their research, which is centred on atmospheric molecular clusters, with the goal of making science fun for a non-scientific audience. 

The Dance Your PhD competition, which is organised by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, encourages students to describe their research using interpretive dance.

In other news, a growing number of women have been trading on the stock market in Finland. According to financial services company Nordnet AB, the number of Finnish women trading funds and stocks has doubled over the last two years.

Women now account for a third of stock traders in Finland, which has been working towards becoming the world’s most financially literate nation. 

The Helsinki Airport also made the news this week for receiving two awards. It won the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) award for Best European Airport in its size (15–25 million passengers) in 2020.

The airport was also commended for its hygiene and the use of innovative measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which included introducing sniffer dogs to detect the virus in a quick, cheap and effective manner.  

Meanwhile, two brothers were arrested with regard to their participation in the US capitol riot after the FBI received an anonymous tip from Finland.

The brothers, Kevin (33) and Sean Carlo Cordon (35) appeared in a video on Finnish publication Ilta-Sanomat’s website and have been charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds among other crimes.


Finnish startup develops lab-made protein

Tech startup Solar Foods has been working on a plant-based protein product that could serve as a meat substitute. 

The product, which is known as Solein, is a yellow flour ground from a liquid microorganism made out of carbon dioxide from air, water, microbes, electricity and nutrients.

The company received 4.3 million euros in funding from the Finnish government in December and hopes to commercialise Solein by early 2023.

Original story was published by KFGO on 10.03.2021 and can be found here. 


Finnish postgrad students win Dance Your PhD contest

Three Finnish atmospheric scientists studying at the University of Helsinki have won first place in the Dance Your PhD competition.

The team, led by Jakub Kubečka, used the medium of rap to outline their research on atmospheric molecular clusters. Kubečka stated that COVID-19 safety regulations made the process especially challenging. 

The competition awards $750 to the winners of each of its five categories: biology, chemistry, physics and social sciences. The Finnish team won the physics prize and received an additional $2,000 for being the overall winner.

Original story was published by Chemistry World on 03.03.2021 and can be found here


The video was primarily shot on the rooftop of a University of Helsinki building (Image source: Simu Group Helsinki)

Growing number of women trading stocks in Finland

Nordnet Ab, one of the key retail brokers in the Nordic region, has revealed that the number of women trading on the stock market in Finland has doubled over the last two years, now accounting for a third of the total. 

In Finland, trading stocks is not as common a practice as it is in countries such as the US as it is perceived as an opportunity for extra income in addition to pensions. 

Nordnet has been using targeted social media campaigns featuring local celebrities and influencers to encourage Finnish women to take up trading.

Original story was published by Live Mint on 06.03.2021 and can be found here


Helsinki airport wins two awards 

The Helsinki Airport at Vantaa has won first place in the Best European Airport in its size category for 2020.

The award, which was presented by Airports Council International, was based on positive feedback from customers. 

The airport also received special recognition for its hygiene practices, in particular the various measures it implemented during the COVID- 19 crisis.

Original story was published by on 05.03.2021 and can be found here.


Anonymous tip from Finland leads to arrest of two brothers for capitol riot

Two brothers from California have been arrested in connection with their role in the ransacking of the US Capitol building in January after an anonymous tipster from Finland reported a video on the website of Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat to the FBI. 

In the video, Kevin Cordon is seen speaking to a Finnish correspondent while his older brother Sean Carlo Corden appears in the background. 

Kevin Cordon is shown wearing a ballistics vest and the American flag and admits to breaking into the building in the video.

Original story was published by Independent on 11.03.2021 and can be found here


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