MERA25 candidates in Athens.

International news

As the European Elections approach on June 9, notable public figures Naomi Klein, Norman Finkelstein, and Roger Waters are urging voters in Germany, Greece, and Italy to support MERA25. They emphasize that the party stands as a crucial alternative to both far-right and establishment parties, offering a pathway to peace, freedom, and dignity for Europeans.

Naomi Klein highlights the failures of establishment parties, stating, “These elections are so critical because the far right is not the only problem.

It's the policies of establishment parties that created the context for the far right to flourish. The austerity, the poverty, the tax dodging, the concentration of wealth, and the endless wars.” Klein advocates for MERA25 as a party that provides real solutions without pitting people against each other.

Norman Finkelstein and Roger Waters also endorse MERA25, recognizing the party's commitment to peace, particularly regarding the ongoing conflicts in Palestine and Ukraine. They believe MERA25 is dedicated to demilitarization, social justice, economic freedom, and the democratization of political decisions.

Finkelstein warns of the dangers of inaction, drawing parallels to the 1930s. He asserts, “If we don’t do something now, the danger is that it’s going to be a repeat of the 1930s, except it’s going to be a repeat without a struggle. And so now it’s more urgent than ever that we get into business of organizing, trying to create honorable and trustworthy leadership. (…) Now, I believe MERA25 is able to respond to that challenge.”

Roger Waters underscores the importance of supporting MERA25 for those who advocate for a free Palestine. “It’s very very important that you all cast your votes for MERA25. It’s extremely important that we all vote in support of a free Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea so let’s blow the winds of change in these European Elections,” Waters stated.

MERA25 has been steadfast in its commitment to peace and social justice, advocating for the end of oppression in Palestine and a consistent peace process in Ukraine. The party also champions economic freedom, the democratization of political decisions, and a genuine green transition that ensures social rights and environmental protection.

As the elections draw near, the endorsements from Klein, Finkelstein, and Waters aim to galvanize support for MERA25, presenting it as a vital force for progressive change in Europe.