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Maker Faire Rome, the celebrated festival of innovation, has officially opened its calls for participants for the 2024 edition, scheduled to take place from October 25th to 27th at the Gazometro Ostiense. Organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, this event stands as a dynamic showcase connecting innovators from various sectors such as digital manufacturing, robotics, AI, agritech, and more.

The festival invites makers, educational institutions, and research bodies to submit their projects and ideas through three distinct calls: Call for Makers, Call for Schools, and Call for Universities and Research Institutes. Each call aims to gather a diverse array of participants to present their groundbreaking work and educational programs to a global audience.

Call for Makers: Open to individual inventors, teams, startups, and creative enterprises worldwide, this call offers the chance to secure a free space at the event. Participants will have the opportunity to display their innovations, engage in talks, or perform in public. Proposals are due by June 3rd, with more information available on the event's official website.

Call for Schools: In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Merit, Maker Faire Rome continues to spotlight the creativity and innovation of secondary school students across the European Union. Selected projects will receive free exhibition space, either physical or virtual, at the event. This participation also counts towards the students' Cross-curricular Competence Paths and Orientation (PCTO). Schools must submit their projects by the June 3rd deadline.

Call for Universities and Research Institutes: This call targets higher education and research institutions, providing a platform to showcase cutting-edge research and development. Participants can opt for a free bare area or a pre-furnished stand at a nominal cost. Submissions close on June 3rd.

Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the inclusive nature of Maker Faire Rome, stating, "Maker Faire Rome is an inclusive fair, where technology is accessible to everyone, not just specialists. This spirit has been with us since the first edition and has remained intact over the years. We look forward to the innovative ideas and projects that drive digital and sustainable transformation."

Luciano Mocci, President of Innova Camera, highlighted the global impact of the event, saying, "For more than a decade, our event has connected people, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and skills from all over the globe, creating ever stronger and indissoluble bonds through a universal language: that of innovation."

As the event prepares to unfold at the historic Gazometro Ostiense, Maker Faire Rome 2024 is set to once again highlight the best of global innovation and educational prowess, making it a key event for technology enthusiasts and innovators around the world.