Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (R) and President of Finland Alexander Stubb (L) signing bilateral documents during their meeting in Kyiv on April 3rd, 2024, amid the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Photo by HANDOUT / UKRAINIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SERVICE / AFP / LEHTIKUVA

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In a significant move underscoring Finland’s unwavering support for Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict, Finnish President Alexander Stubb embarked on a landmark visit to Kyiv, Ukraine, on April 3, 2024. The visit, marked by key discussions and agreements, symbolizes a deepened commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty and stability in the face of Russian aggression.

During this visit, President Stubb, alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, inked a pivotal 10-year agreement aimed at bolstering security cooperation and offering sustained support to Ukraine.

This comprehensive pact, which spans political backing, defense, security enhancement, and reconstructive efforts, affirms Finland’s long-term dedication to aiding Ukraine’s resilience and reformative endeavors.

The discussions between the presidents revolved around the current state of the war initiated by Russia over two years ago, Finland's assistance to Ukraine, and the latter's quest for a just and lasting peace. This visit not only reinforces Finland's stance on supporting Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity but also aligns with the collective Nordic commitment to Ukraine's security, as affirmed in the G7 Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine and subsequent Nordic statements.

Highlighting Finland’s tangible support, President Stubb announced the dispatch of Finland's 23rd package of defense materiel to Ukraine, valued at EUR 188 million. This gesture is part of Finland's ongoing efforts to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities amidst the conflict.

The visit also had an emotional component, with President Stubb honoring the memories of Ukrainian soldiers who have fallen in the conflict and meeting with soldiers at Hostomel airport, a site of significant combat success for Ukraine.

With Finland becoming the eighth country to sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine, this visit underscores a significant step in international solidarity and support for Ukraine. It sets a precedent for comprehensive assistance, spanning military aid, economic and humanitarian support, and shared commitments towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration, reflecting a collective endeavor to uphold the principles of sovereignty, peace, and international law.