The Luoto green structure in the arrivals hall is the first sight for passengers arriving in Finland. Photo: Finavia Corp.

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Helsinki Airport, operated by Finavia, has secured a spot among the world's most aesthetically pleasing airports in the prestigious Prix Versailles 2023 architecture and design competition. This recognition underscores the airport's commitment to eco-friendliness and its sensitivity to local natural and cultural heritage in its design and architecture.

Ulla Serlenius, Senior Vice President of Helsinki Airport at Finavia, expressed her pride in this global recognition of Finnish architecture and design.

She highlighted the airport's role as many passengers' first impression of Finland, serving as a showcase for the country's expertise and innovations. "It's great that Finavia can play a role in creating a positive image of Finland," Serlenius noted.

The Prix Versailles architecture competition, renowned worldwide, is an annual event. Remarkably, this year marks the debut of the category for the most beautiful airports. The criteria for the award encompassed innovation, creativity, respect for local natural and cultural heritage in the design, and a commitment to eco-friendliness. In the previous year's competition, Helsinki Airport received an award for the interior design of its terminal.

The design and construction of Helsinki Airport's new terminal were guided by the principles of Finnishness and sustainability. Considerable attention was devoted to using domestic materials, adopting energy-efficient solutions, and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with construction.

"The terminal's interior design draws inspiration from Finnish nature. The arrivals hall, adorned with the Luoto green structure, extends a warm welcome to passengers as they step out of the baggage claim area. Meanwhile, the magnificent wooden ceiling in the departures hall, crafted entirely from Finnish spruce, sets a tranquil tone at the start of passengers' journeys," explained Serlenius.

Helsinki Airport's terminal expansion has garnered numerous awards, particularly for its steel structure, building information modeling, the breathtaking wooden ceiling in the departures hall, and its commitment to sustainable construction. Earlier this year, the airport also clinched the title of the best airport in Europe within its size category.

The terminal expansion project, part of Helsinki Airport's historic development program, was inaugurated in 2021 and marked its successful completion by Finavia in the autumn of 2023. It stands as a testament to Finnish design and sustainable innovation in airport architecture.