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Finland has clinched the top spot in the international digitalization ranking, according to the latest Digibarometri 2023 report. This prestigious achievement reaffirms Finland's status as a global leader in harnessing digital technologies for societal advancement. The report, jointly published by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Business Finland, and Sitra, provides valuable insights into the nation's digital landscape.

Finland's ascent to the pinnacle of the Digibarometri rankings marks a consistent presence in the top three since the barometer's inception in 2014. The country's previous first-place finish dates back to 2016. Digibarometri evaluates a nation's "digital posture" and its changes concerning other countries, measuring digital utilization across three levels: prerequisites, usage, and impacts, encompassing three key sectors: businesses, citizens, and the public sector.

The 2023 results for Finland demonstrate positive developments across all areas compared to the previous year. The nation has improved its standings in the digitalization of the public sector, citizens, and businesses. The most significant progress was observed in the impacts of digitalization on citizens and enterprises. Finland leads or closely trails at the top globally in all measured categories.

Minister of Transport and Communications, Lulu Ranne, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "Achieving digital excellence is a remarkable feat. Moving forward, our goal is to aim for optimal performance rather than merely securing the first position. It requires expertise, passion, ambition, and endurance."

This year, Digibarometri's special focus was on big data. The report reveals that a majority of Finnish companies utilize data to some extent, but true big data business models are adopted by only around one percent of companies. The utilization of data is notably more common among larger enterprises, with actual big data business models predominantly found within the ICT sector. However, the growth of companies leveraging big data in Finland has been disappointingly slow.

Companies utilizing data showcase higher productivity levels than their counterparts, albeit their productivity growth rates are only marginally faster on average.

The Digibarometri 2023 report sheds light on Finland's digital prowess, highlighting both its achievements and areas for growth. As the nation sets its sights on the future, continued investments in innovation, expertise, and digital infrastructure are essential to maintain and enhance its global digital leadership. Finland's success story in digitalization serves as an inspiration for nations worldwide, showcasing the transformative power of digital technologies in shaping modern societies.