Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters is taking legal action against official cancellations of his concerts in Munich and Frankfurt, defending himself against accusations of anti-Semitism. LEHTIKUVA

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Roger Waters has noted with pleasure the decision of the Munich City Council that his 21.05.2023 concert in the Olympiahalle Munich will take place as planned :

"I am very happy to be able to perform in Munich for my fans. A ban on my concert would have been illegal. The City of Munich's decision is good news for freedom of speech in Germany."

Referring to the concert in Frankfurt on 28.05.2023, for which the City of Frankfurt and the State of Hesse are sticking to the cancellation of the contract, Waters went on to say:

"The decision makers in Frankfurt know that they are on the wrong side of the law and are now completely isolated. They should take an example from their colleagues in Munich and instead of wasting a lot of taxpayers' money on a futile legal action they should follow Munich's brave example and support freedom in the arts and free speech in general. The cancel attempts of the Frankfurt politicians are an attack on artistic freedom as a whole. Politicians have no right to intimidate and bully artists and their fans with performance bans."

Waters said that he would continue to fight unceasingly for his right to perform in Frankfurt saying:

"I am fighting for all of our human rights, including the right to freedom of speech. We are on the road to Frankfurt. Frankfurt, here we come! "

If pre-court efforts fail, Waters' lawyers will seek to secure the performance of the concert in Frankfurt on 28.05.2023 through an interim injunction. Commenting on this intention, Waters said:

"Like all the other concerts on my European tour, my concert in Frankfurt will take place. I will enforce this in court if I must. So my fans don't have to worry ."


Source: Mark Fenwick Management - London