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Among German companies, 62 percent offer their office workers the option of working from home. This is a finding of the most recent Personnel Manager Survey conducted by the ifo Institute in cooperation with Randstad. On average, companies allow their employees 6.7 days of working from home per month.

“Companies with more than 500 employees, in particular, are the ones offering remote working as an option, even after coronavirus restrictions have eased,” says ifo expert Johanna Garnitz.

This applies to 95 percent of the large companies surveyed. In small companies with up to 49 employees, the figure is significantly lower at 46 percent. Nevertheless, smaller companies tend to be more generous in terms of the average number of days granted per month: 7.4 days compared to the average of 5.3 days approved by large companies.

Companies in the manufacturing sector are the most likely to offer remote working to their office employees, at 68 percent. However, they approve an average of 5.8 days per month – fewer than service providers do. Of those companies, 65 percent allow working from home for 7.9 days per month. In trade, 51 percent of companies allow their office staff to work from home for an average of 7.0 days per month.

While the ifo Business Survey asked about people who work from home as a proportion of all a company’s employees, the Personnel Manager Survey asked whether remote working was an option for office workers.

Source: ifo Institute