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In the upcoming UN humanitarian conference on Afghanistan in Geneva, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will propose to boost the financing for its programs and projects in Afghanistan, said ICRC President Peter Maurer on Monday.

Geneva will host a UN meeting on Afghanistan on Monday, at the level of permanent representatives, to address the growing humanitarian needs in Afghanistan, reported Sputnik

"We will certainly come with a budget increase proposal, at least, a provisional budget increase proposal, next Monday as we convene for a UN conference on Afghanistan, for a humanitarian conference on Afghanistan on Monday," Maurer said.

Around 100 international and 1,700 local Red Cross employees are in Afghanistan with 11 full-fledged offices. The one-year budget currently amounts to USD 90 million, said ICRC President.

"We believe that humanitarian organisations, like the ICRC, will get enough funding in order to enlarge our activities in Afghanistan," Maurer added.

ICRC has been operating in Afghanistan for over 30 years and it would keep its staff in the country, even after many countries and international groups began evacuations following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan last month. ICRC will not change its ground operations and it will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to all sides of the conflict, reported Sputnik.

Source: ANI