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A 90-year-old Belgian woman, who was infected with both the Alpha and Beta variants of coronavirus at the same time died due to a double variant infection, the medical researchers confirmed on Saturday.

The woman was taken to the OLV hospital in the city of Aalst on March 3 and tested positive for coronavirus during her stay.

She was not vaccinated and lived in a retirement home, reported France24.

The research proved that it is possible to catch two COVID variants at the same time. Medical staff discovered that she carried the Alpha and Beta variants of the virus.

The woman's condition began to worsen and she died five days after her initial diagnosis, reported France24.

The Alpha variant originated in the UK, while the Beta variant was first discovered in South Africa.

Molecular biologist Anne Vankeerbergen of the OLV Hospital said the woman was likely infected with two different variants from two different people. Vankeerbergen said it is still unclear how she became infected with the virus, reported France24.

Source: ANI