A motor home, or caravan, gives you the freedom to travel the length and breadth of the country at your own pace, stopping and staying over without the hassle of booking accommodation.  Life on the road is a happy one.

THE phenomenon of caravan living, later to become a well-known gypsy tradition, began in France in 1810 when people realised that wagons could be used as dwellings. This idea was soon adopted by showmen and their families as a way of their trade, with the horse-drawn wooden vessel becoming an icon of fun and festivity. Although still a way of life for such communities, this nostalgic image has come a long way over the years and has given us the modern car-towed plywood and fibreglass caravans of today, as well as integrated motor homes.

As styles and materials developed, so too did the popularity of caravans and motor homes. They are now a popular choice for travelling and holidays. They provide a great way for families to tour around while taking their home comforts with them. Allowing freedom and relaxation, they are an affordable way to experience nature and the great outdoors, which is why Finland is the perfect country for caravanning.

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For caravan & camping sites in Finland
(CKE card also available to purchase here)

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The caravan show – 18 to 20 January 2013

The dense forests and unspoilt surroundings are ideal for this type of holiday. The diverse resorts on offer here, along with over 150 camping and caravan sites to choose from, allow you to optimise your vacation time and take in every aspect that this beautiful country has to offer.

This January the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre will host a caravan show, with a selection of caravans and motor homes to view.Both foreigners and Finns alike have taken to caravan and touring holidays in Finland. There is an abundance of useful websites regarding the many caravan sites that span the country, making it easy to get your caravan holiday started. On most camp sites you will find toilet and washroom facilities, laundry facilities, saunas, restaurants and cafes, play areas for children, and electrical and water connections for caravans and motor homes. Many are even pet-friendly, so every family member can join in. There is even the option to rent outdoor activity equipment on some sites.

With total pitch fees ranging between 18 euro and 30 euro per night, this type of holiday is accessible to everyone. You don’t even have to buy a caravan: rentals start from 120 euro per day, with discounts for longer rental periods. If the touring option is not for you but the idea of a friendly, tranquil caravan site is, there are also options to rent a static caravan.

Serious caravan tourers can take advantage of the Camping Key Europe (CKE) for a 16 euro membership fee, which is a pan-European benefit and identity card including family-specific accident and liability insurance, as well as many other camping site discounts and benefits.

For those who are thinking of going on the road, there is a caravan show coming up in January 2013 at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, where there will be a selection of caravans and motor homes to view and an inspiring atmosphere with which to get your touring holiday underway.

The caravan and camping site at Rastila in eastern Helsinki.BETH MORTON