In a remarkable testament to its dedication to customer service, Helsinki Airport has been voted the Best Airport in Europe in the 15–25 million passenger category for its outstanding customer experience. This honor, part of the prestigious Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards, reflects the views of passengers from across the globe and underscores Finavia's commitment to excellence in every aspect of airport operations.

The ASQ Award, determined by an annual survey that encompasses 400 airports in 95 countries, celebrates the pinnacle of airport service quality. "We are extremely grateful for this award and proud that our efforts to provide a first-class customer experience have been recognized internationally. This year's ASQ survey result is the best in the history of Helsinki Airport, showcasing our long-term success in enhancing customer satisfaction," stated Kimmo Mäki, CEO of Finavia.

The recognition comes on the heels of the most ambitious development program in Helsinki Airport's history. Over the last decade, the airport has undergone a comprehensive transformation, which has included allowing up to two liters of liquids through security control, opening 26 new shops, restaurants, and cafés, and modernizing baggage logistics with cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

Awarded annually by the Airports Council International (ACI), the ASQ Award is a benchmark of excellence in the airport industry, based on continuous assessments of customer satisfaction and service quality. Travelers participating in the ASQ survey evaluate 30 different service categories throughout their journey, covering everything from guidance and customer service to shopping and dining options.

Mäki extends his gratitude to all Finavia employees and the entire airport community for their collaborative efforts towards ensuring a seamless travel and customer experience. "A world-class customer experience is the result of many contributions, and everyone at the airport, from individual companies to each person, plays a part in this achievement through their actions," he reflects.

Helsinki Airport's receipt of the ASQ Award for the fifth time in six years, with accolades in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, and now 2023, is a clear indicator of its consistent excellence. Furthermore, business travelers have also recognized Helsinki Airport as one of the top five airports globally, solidifying its position as a leader in providing an exceptional travel experience.