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In recent years, Finnish vacation plans have been influenced by various factors, including changes in the domestic and global economy. With the upcoming autumn holidays on the horizon, a survey conducted by POP Insurance sheds light on how these economic shifts affect the travel habits of the Finnish people. Interestingly, many are opting to reduce their international travels.

The survey, carried out through email questionnaires and answered by approximately 2870 individuals, delved into various aspects of travel habits, highlighting how often respondents travel abroad for vacations. Surprisingly, over 30 percent of respondents stated that they travel internationally less frequently than once a year.

28 percent of respondents indicated that they travel abroad for leisure purposes 2-4 times a year, while a quarter of respondents travel internationally once a year. On the other hand, slightly more than 13 percent of respondents either do not travel abroad at all or only holiday within Finland.

Economic considerations are compelling over half of the respondents to cut back on international travel. However, when it comes to actual travel expenses, respondents are less willing to compromise.

Over half of the respondents admitted that economic considerations are forcing them to reduce international travel. Despite their financial situations, 45 percent of respondents plan to continue traveling as before.

However, when it comes to travel expenses, respondents are less flexible. According to the survey, nearly 40 percent of the respondents stated they wouldn’t compromise on any of the given options, including transportation costs, accommodation, and travel insurance. Interestingly, all three options were evenly split, each garnering a 20 percent response rate.

Finnish travelers are notably conscientious about travel insurance, with only 15 percent of the respondents indicating that they would consider traveling abroad without it.

“Travelers abroad are often plagued by various infections and food poisoning. Just a visit to the hospital can be costly, not to mention if one falls seriously ill and needs, for instance, an ambulance flight back to Finland. In extreme cases, the cost of an ambulance flight can exceed one hundred thousand euros,” reminded Tommi Lehmusvirta, the operational manager of POP Insurance's claims services.

Lehmusvirta also emphasized the importance of carrying a travel insurance card, which serves as proof of valid coverage. In cases where families travel together, POP Insurance provides coverage for children under 18 years old under the parent's travel insurance policy.