Photo: Finavia Corporation


Airport operator Finavia is streamlining the security check process at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and increasing the amount of liquids allowed in carry-on baggage to two liters per passenger.

"Traveling through Helsinki-Vantaa will become even more convenient starting from June 28. We have installed additional modern security screening devices at the airport,

allowing us to permit the transportation of liquid containers larger than 100 milliliters, such as one-liter water bottles and other larger liquid packages, in carry-on baggage," says Ari Kumara, Director of Security Operations at Finavia.

Finavia has now completed its development project aimed at smooth and stress-free security screening. The renovation work was carried out in two phases.

In the first phase in the summer of 2022, Finavia introduced a completely new security screening at Helsinki-Vantaa. It features eight state-of-the-art screening lines utilizing new computer tomography-based technology. Thanks to the new scanning devices, passengers no longer need to remove liquids and electronics from their carry-on baggage.

The second phase of the upgrade was implemented in June 2023, with the installation of two additional screening lines at Helsinki-Vantaa, completing a total of ten lines. This enables the full utilization of the capabilities provided by the new technology, allowing Finavia to increase the amount of liquids that passengers can carry in their carry-on baggage to two liters per person.

Kumara emphasizes that the new equipment is currently only in use at the security check in the departure hall of Helsinki-Vantaa. The current liquid restrictions still apply to passengers departing from Finavia's regional airports and passengers transiting through the security check at Helsinki-Vantaa.

Similar technology is currently in use only at a few major European airports and some airports in the United States. Passengers may encounter different security screening procedures at different stages of their journey, so it is important to be prepared and follow the specific guidelines provided by each airport.

"Finavia is a pioneer in service development in its industry. It is important for us to serve passengers to the best of our abilities and provide them with a pleasant airport experience. We believe that with the introduction of this new technology, we can offer passengers a more relaxed and seamless travel experience," says Ari Kumara.

The increased liquid allowance at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is expected to enhance passenger convenience and contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable travel experience for those passing through the airport. Passengers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the updated guidelines and follow instructions provided by the airport authorities to ensure a smooth journey.

When packing your luggage, it is always important to consider which items or substances can be packed in carry-on baggage, which ones should be packed in checked baggage, and which ones are prohibited from being brought on board an aircraft. Security screening and packing instructions can be checked on Finavia's website.

In addition to security regulations, passengers should also familiarize themselves with the baggage restrictions provided by airlines and the customs regulations of their destination country.

Liquid regulations for carry-on baggage at Helsinki-Vantaa:

  • Passengers are allowed to carry liquids in carry-on baggage up to a maximum of two liters per person.
  • In addition, medical liquids, baby food, and liquids required for special dietary needs can be carried in carry-on baggage in the necessary amount for the duration of the journey.
  • Liquids and electronics do not need to be removed from the bag when passing through security screening.

Liquid regulations for carry-on baggage at Finavia's regional airports and for transit passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa:

  • Containers of liquids with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters are allowed in carry-on baggage, and they must fit into a one-liter transparent and resealable plastic bag.
  • Medical liquids, liquids required for special dietary needs, and baby food can be carried in the necessary amount for the duration of the journey.
  • For transit passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa, larger liquids are also permitted if they have been purchased at EU airports or on EU flights and are packed according to EU regulations (intact, sealed, and in a transparent plastic bag with the receipt visible).
  • All liquid containers and electronics must be removed from the bag and presented to the security officer for inspection before being screened.