Summertime is the best time to travel! The weather is nice, and the crowds are smaller. Finland is a great summer vacation spot because Finns celebrate their summer passionately. Many Finnish towns mainly come to life from May through August. So, what's summer-like in a Finnish city? Think festivals, saunas, kayaking, paddling, cruises, events, and white nights. Here are 5 of the best cities to visit during the summer months.


Helsinki is the capital of Finland and the most underappreciated city in Europe. Some people call it "the new Paris." During the summer, Helsinki may be a fantastic destination since the weather is milder than in other parts of the country. There's something for everyone in Helsinki, from visiting museums and cathedrals to travelling by ferry to one of the many islands nearby. It is easy to discover what Helsinki offers since it is so compact.

This metropolis has everything you could ask for or desire. There are several parks and green spaces to enjoy, an active nightlife scene for people who like the outdoors, and a variety of shopping alternatives for those who prefer staying at home. Among attractions for an evening out is Casino Helsinki, which according to internet casino magazine Nettikasinot is the most popular in town.

Helsinki is also one of the safest cities in the world.


Turku is Finland's oldest city, and it's located on the southwest coast. It's a great place to visit during the summertime because there are so many things to do outdoors. You can go kayaking or canoeing down the River Aura, sunbathe at Ruissalo Island, or take a cruise from Turku harbor.

There are also plenty of festivals to enjoy in Turku during the summer months. The most popular festival is probably Turun SuomiAreena, which is held in July. This festival is a huge political event that attracts over 100,000 visitors each year.


Tampere is Finland's third-largest city, and it's located in the Pirkanmaa region. The city is known for its many saunas, as well as its two popular lakes: Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi. Tampere is also home to Finland's oldest amusement park, Sarkanniemi.

Summertime in Tampere means spending time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. You can go swimming in one of the lakes, sunbathe at Hiedanranta beach, or hike up Mt. Pyynikki. There are also plenty of festivals to enjoy, such as the Tampere Jazz Happening and the Vapriikin Päivät flea market.


Oulu is located in northern Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia. It's the capital of the Oulu province, and it's known for its many tech companies, as well as its lively university town atmosphere.

During the summertime, there are plenty of things to do outdoors in Oulu. You can go swimming at Haukipudas beach, sunbathe at Pikkarala beach, or hike in one of the many parks. You can also visit one of the many festivals held in Oulu, such as the Oulu Music Video Festival and the Air Guitar World Championships.


Porvoo is a small city located on the southeast coast of Finland. It's known for its picturesque Old Town, which is full of cobbled streets and pastel-colored houses.

Porvoo is a great place to visit during the summertime because there are so many things to do outdoors. You can go kayaking or canoeing down the River Porvoonjoki, sunbathe at Tullinpuomi beach, or take a cruise from Porvoo harbor. There are also plenty of festivals to enjoy, such as the Porvoo Old Town Festival and the Porvoo Jazz Festival.

Benefits of summertime in Finland

There are many benefits to visiting Finland during the summertime. The weather is milder, making it ideal for outdoor activities. There are also many festivals and events to enjoy. And, of course, the days are longer! So Finland is the place to be if you're looking for a summer vacation spot with something for everyone.

There are many great cities to visit in Finland during the summertime. In each of the cities you can find various attractions and events. So, whether you're looking for a lively city full of festivals or a quiet town to relax in, there's sure to be a Finnish city perfect for you.