Are you planning to come to Helsinki this Autumn? If not, think twice. Autumn is a magical season here, and visitors will be greeted with a profusion of colours and mild weather. Indeed, the Finnish have a word for such a rich palette: ruska. What else is on at Pearl of the Baltic Sea this season?

Life and Culture

Helsinki is splendid during the Autumn, but the colourful outdoors aren’t the only attractions. The city has put in place an organized culinary scheme, dividing it into sectors. Elisabeth Heinrichs, the project coordinator, believes that food is one of the best ways to know the city.

Because every sector has its own specialties, inviting tourists and food lovers to explore the city. A map was created, named “Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!”. It brings lots of information about the best restaurants and where to find them, in a colour-coded guide.

Among all the colours of this season, you can also include grey from the occasionally gloomy skies. It’s the rainy season, after all. If the weather decides not to help, you can opt for restaurants, museums. Alternatively, you can stay at home for the day, enjoying an online igames with warm cocoa.

Top Five Places to Visit

The whole city is fantastic and worth a thorough exploration. However, if your time is short, we advise you to check at least the five places below. You surely won’t regret it.


Tourists may find it easier to pronounce the English version of this name: Toolo Bay. It’s one of the best places to witness the glory of this season, and it’s right in the city centre. Don’t forget to walk by the scenic Linnunlaulutie road, across the “Birdsong” district. There, you’ll find wooden villages and countless maple trees.

Eläintarhanlahti and Kaisaniemenlahti

Autumn is generous in the Hakaniemi and Kallio districts. You’ll feel like in a romantic movie, while walking by the bay, going to Kaisaniemi Park. The path between Tokoiranta and Hakaniemi is also worth exploring, under gorgeous trees by the sea.

Meilahti Arboretum

This botanical garden is located in West Helsinki, and it spans over three hectares. The place is home to 300 shrubs and trees, displaying an amazingly varied palette. It was founded in a private property, the Meilahti Manor, located in a valley. It’s accessible through the Meillahdenti and Johannesbergintie roads.

Viiki Arboretum

On the other side of the city, in East Helsinki, you’ll find the Viiki Arboretum. Although the place is fantastic all around the year, Spring and Autumn are wonderful there. There are trees from different parts of the world, divided by sectors. The Asian industry is one of the main attractions. Visitors can also enjoy the fantastic manor house gardens around.

Niskala Arboretum and Haltiala

Heading to the northern part of the city, you’ll find the Old Town Rapids. There, you can stroll by Vantaa’s riverbanks, leading to the Haltiala Farm. Along the way, you’ll find the Niskala Arboretum.


Trees everywhere! Helsinki is the fifth greenest capital in Europe, and now you can see why. You’ll indeed have a lifetime experience over there during this season. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture all the greatness of Autumn around the city. Come to Helsinki!