The majority of Finnish citizens can get the COVID-19 certificate easily from My Kanta Pages. However, still last week, some certificates of recovery were not produced, but the situation is now significantly better due to technical updates. In July, a total of 420 400 people have retrieved the EU Digital COVID Certificate from My Kanta Pages.

In July, 382 800 people retrieved the COVID-19 certificate from My Kanta Pages. The majority of those who have received the COVID-19 vaccination can access their vaccination certificate in My Kanta Pages. During the spring, changes have been made in the patient data systems and methods of data entry to ensure that the vaccination certificates are produced automatically in My Kanta Pages for those who have received the vaccination.

During July, 31 000 people retrieved a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result and 6 600 people downloaded a certificate of recovery. However, still last week, some certificates of recovery could not be produced, but the data has now been transferred to the COVID-19 certificates better than before as a result of a technical update. Kela estimates that the majority of citizens can now retrieve a certificate of recovery from My Kanta Pages.

However, individual COVID-19 certificates may still be missing. This is due to the fact that updates in local patient data systems and healthcare entries are still being made in some hospital districts and municipalities. In addition, some vaccination certificates may not be available if there is an error or omission in the data recorded in the healthcare service. The data of a COVID-19 certificate is corrected in the healthcare unit where the citizen received the vaccination or where the COVID-19 test was taken.

A printed copy of a COVID-19 certificate can be obtained from the healthcare service

If it is not possible to get a COVID-19 certificate from My Kanta Pages, you can ask the healthcare service to provide another certificate containing the same information. By mid-August, the public healthcare service should also be able to print out the official EU Digital COVID Certificate. However, this requires technical implementation in the healthcare units. According to the EU regulation, another certificate than the official EU COVID-19 certificate with a QR code will also be valid in border crossings at least until 12 August. The EU certificate is therefore not the only possible certificate for travelling, although it does make travel easier.

It is also possible to get an electronic COVID-19 certificate for a minor from My Kanta Pages or as a printout from the healthcare service. explains how to obtain a COVID-19 certificate for a minor for border crossing purposes.

EU citizens who do not have a Finnish personal identity code will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or test certificate meeting the EU requirements from the healthcare service as from the end of August provided that the vaccination has been given or the test has been taken in Finland. Until the end of August, the healthcare service can provide another kind of certificate that contains the same information.

Travellers must find out the requirements in the country of destination

Before the journey, travellers must find out which COVID certificate is required for border crossing in the country of destination. In addition, travellers must also monitor the COVID-19 situation and guidance in the country of destination and in Finland. Information for travellers in the EU countries has been gathered on the Re-open EU website (

Source: Kela