Lapland is one of the most popular destinations for domestic tourists / Lehtikuva


The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed how people travel. Pohjola Insurance investigated what travel plans Finns have for the coming year. Of those surveyed, just over one in three dreams of going on a trip abroad when the situation permits, but a similar percentage also plan on travelling more domestically. 

A holiday abroad to enjoy the sun is a winter tradition for many in Finland but next year, more people than ever plan on staying in the country for their travels. In a survey conducted by Pohjola Insurance in September, fewer than half of respondents listed the restrictions on travel abroad as a reason for opting for domestic travel. Instead, interest in domestic travel was due in particular to Finnish nature (70%), visiting friends and family (57%), safety (56%) and cost (54%).

Domestic travel is especially attractive to adults aged between 25 to 34, with as many as 52% saying that they travel within Finland several times every year.

– While the challenges faced by the tourism industry are far from over, our survey shows that domestic travel has great potential for growth. In Finland, we have always valued unspoiled nature and safety, and this has been further highlighted during the pandemic. After last spring, it is also understandable that people emphasise friends and family in their choices. International travel will certainly become attractive again once a vaccine becomes available and the situation improves, says Pekka Puustinen, Deputy CEO, Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

Travel insurance also covers domestic travel

After international travel was reduced to a trickle in the spring, some Finnish customers opted to give up their traveller’s and luggage insurance policies. The survey found that around one in two people in Finland have traveller's insurance, while 43% have luggage insurance. Of young adults aged 18 to 24, only 30% have traveller's insurance and 23% luggage insurance.

– Even when travelling in Finland, it’s best to be prepared. Before leaving on a trip, it is advisable to check that your insurance is extensive and also covers domestic travel. Continuous travel insurance is designed to remove the need to remember to insure every trip separately, says Pekka Puustinen.

Reasons for travelling domestically according to a survey by Pohjola Insurance:

  1. Finnish nature (70% of respondents)

  2. Visiting friends and family (57%)

  3. Safety (56%)

  4. Cost (54%)

  5. Current restrictions on international travel (48%)

  6. Finnish tourist attractions (48%)

  7. Supporting Finnish businesses (42%)

  8. Finnish culture (38%)

  9. Eco-friendliness (35%)

The above information is based on a survey conducted in an online panel, which received responses from 2,011 Finnish adults. The survey was conducted for OP by Taloustutkimus. The error margin of responses is 2 per cent.