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Video games are on the rise in Finland: in recent years the industry has become one of the largest in Europe, and Finnish mobile gaming developers are considered experts in their field. This has led to an abundant and innovative market, with new types of games popping up daily. Analysis has shown that in 2024, projected revenue in online gaming in Finland will reach an estimated $429.3 million, which is an annual growth rate of 11.09%.

Alongside this upward trajectory is the increased use of a few genres that remain popular no matter what, thanks to their entertainment value and timelessness.

Sporting Games

Still an up-and-coming genre, sporting games are on the up, partially thanks to eSports. A number of talented gamers in Finland are becoming eSports athletes, and a much higher number are tuning in to stream tournaments. Some of the most popular games that eSports gamers from Finland play include Fortnite, League of Legends, and Apex Legends. The industry is fast-evolving, with Finland coming in second place in terms of most online video watchers in the Scandinavian Peninsula.


Unsurprisingly, some of the most commonly played games in Finland are igaming classics, such as poker, roulette, and blackjack. As of 2024, the state-owned company has the exclusive rights to provide these games to Finnish residents, but by 2026 this monopoly will have ended and gaming providers will be able to operate within the country. In the meantime, players can explore offshore options. Matti Laurila from says the best igaming licenses for Finnish players are those from the EEA region, such as Malta's license, Mansaari (Isle of Man), and Estonia's license, because winnings from these sites are tax-free for Finnish players.

Puzzles and Cards

A recent study revealed that the video game genre played the most by Finnish citizens is puzzles and cards. 51.15% of the control group stated that this was their preferred type of game, and of course, the most famed in that category is Baba Is You, which was created by indie Finnish developer Arvi Teikari. The USP of the game is that the rules can change as it is played, allowing users to manipulate the play area. As well as Baba Is You, other popular online puzzle games in Finland include The Witness, Portal, and I Am Dead.

Card games are played all over the world, and their online counterparts are fast becoming just as much a part of daily life. As well as classics like solitaire, rummy, and freecell, more modern games, from Pokémon to Yu-Gi-Oh! to UNO, are also frequently downloaded in Finland.

Experiment and Innovation

Whilst not a genre, a hallmark of gaming in Finland is that most titles created by local developers are outside the box and showcase true innovation. Perhaps the best example of this is Angry Birds, which took the world by storm in 2009 and was designed by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. Not all games that come out of the country have as much commercial success as Angry Birds did, but they will still often be respected as unique indie creations in their own right.