Kylian Mbappe celebrates after scoring a goal during the French L1 football match between Stade Brestois and Paris Saint-Germain at Francis-Le Ble Stadium in Brest. LEHTIKUVA / AFP


Euro cup brings back a lot of memories for fans and provides a roller coaster full of entertainment. The first aspect of life that Euro 2020 brought into fans' lives was the social gathering. The pandemic and its effect have never been easier for people to bear. Amidst such circumstances, the Euro cup has provided the chance to gather and enjoy an experience that has never been before.

A brief history of Euro Cup

The first-ever Euro cup was held in 1976, and the final was played between Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The penalty shootout was the highlight of the tournament as it overwhelmed every fan. The next Euro cup was held in 1980, and the final was played between West Germany and Belgium. Thus, the same tournament pattern has been followed after every four years until this year's Euro cup. Initially, this tournament was scheduled to be held in 2020; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament was pushed one year forward.


The Euro cup 2020 will be hosted in 11 different venues. Countries like Azerbaijan, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Italy, etc., are all eligible to host a few games each. This will provide the chance to almost all the European countries to enjoy the live games. People around the world will also travel to these venues to support their favorite teams.

Among all these stadiums, the biggest one is Stadio Olimpico, situated in Rome, Italy. The capacity of this stadium is around 73 thousand people, while this stadium will host a total of four games, including a quarter-final. The next big stadium is in Munich, Germany, which has the capacity to host over 70 thousand spectators. This stadium will also host four games, including a quarter-final.

The hot favourite team for this Euro cup is England and Spain. Italy is also one of the best teams that have the ability to lift this year's cup. So far, these three teams and Denmark have qualified for the semi-finals.

It was heartbreaking for many fans to see the defending champion Portugal be out of the tournament. We all are aware of the fan following of Cristiano Ronaldo around the globe, and many fans were supporting Portugal due to him. However, other superstars such as Harry Kane, Sergio Busquets, and Giorgio Chiellini also have a huge fan following around the world.

Fun for Fans

There is a lot of stuff fans can do for fun. Whether it is an in-stadium experience or out-stadium experience, the fans can always stay ahead in enjoyment. The in-stadium experience may include chanting, banners, flags, face painting, meeting new people, and much more other exciting stuff. In the out-stadium experience, the fans can enjoy the delicious traditional meals from their favorite restaurants. They can also enjoy the best hoteling experience as the hotels for fans are always memorable. Some hotels also have casinos near them that offer live blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etc. If it is hot summer, the fans may also want to visit the nearest beach or enjoy a pool party. While in the winter, they can visit frozen lakes.