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Apple is gearing up for a significant overhaul of its operating system with the anticipated release of iOS 18, according to leaked details from a Mashable report. The update promises extensive changes across various aspects of the iPhone, marking it as one of the most substantial software updates to date.

The integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features is a cornerstone of the new update, with enhancements planned for core apps including Photos, Mail, Notes, and Fitness.

A notable development is the expansion of the Calculator app, which will make its debut on the iPad, offering users increased versatility.

Design modifications in iOS 18 aim to refine the user interface with more modular and customizable app designs. These changes, while not as radical as those seen in iOS 17, are designed to improve user interaction and aesthetic appeal.

A significant update that has garnered attention is the freedom for users to place icons anywhere on their iPhone home screen, moving away from the traditional grid system. This feature will allow for a more personalized and flexible user experience.

iOS 18 is also set to embrace RCS messaging support, a move that promises enhanced interoperability with Android devices, facilitating seamless group messaging while retaining popular iMessage features like Memoji and stickers.

Apple's focus on AI will not only improve existing applications but also introduce revolutionary features in services like Apple Music, where AI will assist in tasks such as playlist creation and content summarization. Further AI advancements are expected as Apple explores potential collaborations with industry giants such as OpenAI and Google to integrate state-of-the-art chatbot technologies into the iOS ecosystem.

Additionally, iOS 18 may see the rebranding of Apple ID to 'Apple Account', reflecting a strategic shift in Apple's branding as the company adapts to evolving market dynamics. The Notes app is also slated for an upgrade, with new functionalities to support mathematical notations, thus broadening its utility for educational and professional purposes.

As the launch of iOS 18 approaches, iPhone users can look forward to a suite of exciting features and enhancements that promise to redefine their digital experience. With these advancements, Apple continues to innovate, maintaining its competitive edge in the tech industry.