Professors Tarik Taleb and Mehdi Bennis, from the University of Oulu's 6G flagship.

Science and technology

Researchers from the University of Oulu, Mehdi Bennis and Tarik Taleb, have solidified their positions among the world's most cited scholars, making it onto the prestigious Highly Cited Researchers list once again. This recognition places them in the top one percent of their field based on the number of citations their research publications have received.

Out of 16 Finnish researchers who made it to the list this year, two are from the University of Oulu's Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) and the Academy of Finland's coordinated 6G flagship initiative.

This eight-year research project, initiated in 2018, focuses on advancing 6G technology. Both Bennis and Taleb have been featured on this list for the past two consecutive years, underscoring their continued impact in the field.

Bennis and Taleb play crucial roles in 6G research and the development of technologies foundational to the future operation of 6G networks. Bennis's ICON research group concentrates on radio resource management, the potential of distributed artificial intelligence, and machine learning in 5G and 6G networks. Meanwhile, Taleb's MOSAIC! group investigates cloud services, network slicing, AI-based software and network security, and the distribution of extensive data as mobile services.

The criteria for inclusion on the Highly Cited Researchers list require having several articles that rank in the top one percent of their field in terms of citation count. This list is compiled from the Web of Science citation database, considering data from the past ten years. This achievement highlights the University of Oulu's significant contribution to the evolving world of wireless communication technology, especially in the groundbreaking area of 6G development.