Photo: Eric Bailey

Science and technology

The City of Espoo and Technology Industries of Finland have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at recruiting international IT experts to Finland. By working closely with employers and the Talent Boost network, which promotes international recruitment, the partnership aims to create a comprehensive service concept covering the entire recruitment cycle. This initiative will identify the skill needs of companies and assist the recruited talents and their families in settling in Finland.

For over a decade, the City of Espoo has actively worked to connect individuals moving to Finland for studies, work, or family reasons with employers facing labor shortages. "Espoo has always attracted job and talent seekers. The readiness of companies to recruit international employees is crucial for attracting skilled labor," emphasized Mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

The collaboration between Espoo and Technology Industries of Finland marks a significant step in addressing the shortage of experts that has been hindering the growth of Finnish companies, particularly in the IT sector. A dedicated project planner has been hired to create a service concept for recruiting experts from abroad, focusing initially on highly educated IT professionals from India. Efforts are also underway to attract experts from Vietnam.

The goal is to provide a seamless recruitment path from abroad to Finland, ensuring a positive immigration experience for the entire family. This includes access to education for children and opportunities for spouses to develop their careers in Finland. "The key to attracting international experts is to ensure a good immigration experience for the whole family. We are pleased to have support from public actors, including our partner Espoo, to make this initiative a success," stated Eero Manninen from Technology Industries of Finland.

Collaboration with associations such as the Indian Women in Finland and Vietnamese Professionals in Finland is essential. These networks facilitate peer support for individuals navigating between two cultures, making the integration process smoother.

India and Vietnam were chosen as target countries due to their substantial pool of IT experts. Both nations have a high number of higher education graduates, and there is a growing interest among professionals to work abroad. The collaboration has received support from the Finnish Immigration Service and is aligned with the Government Programme's goal of recruiting international experts to Finland.

The collaboration between the public and private sectors in Espoo not only benefits the city but also sets an example for other sectors and regions. If successful, this innovative approach to international recruitment could be replicated and expanded, strengthening Finland's position as a hub for global talent.