Science and technology

These days, Finland stands on the threshold of an industrial revolution, where technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are at the center of transformations that are forming the new face of industry and business. However, transitioning to modern, automated systems can be a challenge, especially when the right resources and expertise are lacking. Fortunately, there is a global player that can support this process, regardless of the scale of a company's operations. TME, which is one of the leading suppliers of electronic components and industrial automation, is in an ideal position to help Finnish companies transition into the IoT era. Here's how:

 Rich Product Portfolio

TME's product portfolio includes not only standard components, but also advanced Embedded and IoT systems, which are key to implementing IoT-based solutions. The company's portfolio also includes a wide range of other products that can support the development and implementation of IoT systems, such as power sources, wires and cables, and state-of-the-art passive components and connectors.

Global Experience and Local Support

With a presence in many countries, including Scandinavia, TME is able to offer not only global expertise, but also local support, which is crucial to the success of any business venture. Thanks to its extensive logistics network, the company is able to ensure rapid delivery of necessary components, thus supporting the pace of IoT adoption in Finland.

Innovation in the First Place

TME is at the forefront of the industry, bringing the latest innovations and technologies to market. With its strong business philosophy based on innovation, quality and customer service, the company is an ideal partner for companies seeking to rapidly adopt IoT technologies in their operations.

Cooperation with Manufacturers Around the World

TME has partnerships with more than 1,400 renowned manufacturers from around the world, allowing it to provide cutting-edge products and solutions that can support businesses in Finland in their efforts to integrate with IoT technology.


Adapting IoT technology is a key element for the future of industry and business in Finland. With TME's help, companies can count on high-quality products from manufacturers and efficient shipping. Such partnerships can not only accelerate the adoption of IoT in Finland, but also ensure that Finnish companies are leaders in this dynamic and innovative industry.