Jokerit's Atso Lehtinen checks Lukko's Gabriel Fontaine during the traditional Pitsitournament hockey game between Jokerit and Rauman Lukko in Rauma on Friday, August 4, 2023. Ice hockey is one of the sports where the risk of TBI is high / Lehtikuva

Science and technology

In the cold heart of winter in Turku, Finland, a seemingly ordinary incident paints a stark picture of a global challenge. A jogger, battling the icy conditions, suddenly slips on a sidewalk and takes a blow to the head, causing a brief loss of consciousness. At the local hospital, an MRI reveals no immediate signs of brain injury, leading to the decision to discharge the apparently "healthy" patient. However, a subsequent test by Medicortex unveils a different story. Upon analyzing biomarkers from the patient's urine and saliva, alarming levels akin to those of confirmed Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients are discovered.

This episode in Finland is but a speck in the vast sea of head injuries plaguing the globe. Every 12 seconds, an individual in the United States falls victim to a new head injury. Worldwide, a staggering 69 million people suffer from such injuries annually. That's equivalent to the combined number of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis. In fact, head injuries outpace both breast cancer and AIDS in occurrence. Yet, in this vast expanse of trauma, there's a pressing void: the absence of reliable diagnostic tests. This oversight results in 80,000 individuals in the US alone becoming permanently disabled every year, with countless others grappling with long-term neurological problems.

The particularly insidious nature of mild head injuries, or concussions, exacerbates this issue. While these mild cases might appear benign on the surface, they account for a whopping 90% of all head injuries. Even more disconcerting is the reality that current diagnostic methods, such as CT and MRI imaging, fall short in reliably detecting these injuries. Such undetected concussions can pave the way for debilitating conditions like Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Medicortex Finland Oyj, an innovative Finnish company, is on the cusp of revolutionizing the way we detect and diagnose Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and concussions. With the objective of ensuring quick, affordable, and effective detection, Medicortex has been pioneering in the area of TBI diagnostics, diligently working to develop a unique hand-held diagnostic kit.


A Breakthrough Product

Medicortex's latest product is nothing short of groundbreaking. The company is designing a diagnostic kit reminiscent of a pregnancy test, but for the detection of concussion and mild TBI. Using the novel biomarker they've discovered, it is possible to detect signs of TBI in non-invasive body fluids such as urine and saliva. The plan? A "pregnancy-test" type unit for urine and a "lollipop-like" device for saliva, making it as easy-to-use as it is revolutionary.


Progress and Future Plans

Having already completed three clinical studies that identified novel TBI biomarkers, the Medicortex team is presently focusing on incorporating the assay chemistry into a strip-test platform. They are also working diligently on prototype kit development in-house. With appropriate funding, the regulatory process and market launch are projected to occur within a year after the prototype's completion.


TBI: The Silent Epidemic

TBI affects millions worldwide. From sports injuries to battlefield injuries to household accidents, TBI is often termed the "silent epidemic" due to the vast number of undiagnosed cases. A device that can swiftly and easily detect mild to severe brain injuries can be a game-changer in reducing the long-term neurological issues and disabilities that arise from undiagnosed TBIs.


Market Potential

With approximately 70 million new cases of head injuries reported worldwide each year, the potential market for Medicortex's diagnostic tool is vast. Targeting armies, sports organizations, paramedics, school nurses, and consumers, this device is not only revolutionary but also caters to an urgent demand.


Financial Overview

Medicortex has been on a steady growth trajectory, with the Finnish government and the US Department of Defense among its prominent supporters. The company aims to raise 5 M Euros to expedite the development phase, which would grant the investor 19.1% of the company's equity. The funds will be strategically utilized for prototype development, pilot production, clinical trials, and the regulatory process.


Highly skilled team

The endeavor to address the intricate challenges of head injuries involves a multi-disciplinary team of experts from Finland. The Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board is led by an experienced scientist and clinician Dr. Mårten Kvist, complemented by experienced members like Dr. Lauri Kangas from pharma industry, Professor Risto O. Roinefrom the University of Turku and Turku University Hospital, Professor Mika Hannula from the University of Turku, Dr. Antti Kaipia from Tampere University Hospital, Dr. Markku Tuominen of Medisport Oy, and Dr. Timo Kurki of Terveystalo Oy.

The operational team comprises Adrian Harel, PhD, MBA as the CEO and Lasse Välimaa, PhD as the Chief Scientific Officer. Further enriching the team are Begum Utz, PhD in product management, Ivette Bañuelos, PhD as a Senior Scientist, and a diverse group including Pihla Miettinen, MSc, Julia Virtanen, MSc, Joonas Karhula, MSc, Teemu Hynnä, MSc, Leonardo Lara- Valderrábano, PhD, and Kaisa Leppä, BSc in their respective capacities. This collective seeks to deepen our understanding of head injuries and contribute meaningfully to the field.


Looking Ahead

Medicortex's commitment to advancing diagnostics for head injuries positions them at the forefront of this vital healthcare sector. With their unique approach, scientific rigor, and unwavering dedication, the future looks promising for both the company and the millions affected by TBI each year.

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