Science and technology

Tech entrepreneur and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, made a significant announcement on Wednesday with the formation of his new artificial intelligence company called xAI.

Musk took to Twitter to share the news, stating, "Announcing formation of @xAI to understand reality." This move demonstrates Musk's continued interest and involvement in the field of artificial intelligence.

xAI has unveiled a website and introduced a team of approximately a dozen staff members, as reported by CNN. Musk himself will lead the company, according to the website, and they will collaborate closely with Twitter's X division, Tesla, and other companies to advance their mission.

The stated goal of xAI, as described on its website, is to comprehend the true nature of the universe. This aligns with Musk's previous statements about his ambitions in the realm of artificial intelligence.

While Musk was an early supporter of OpenAI, the organization behind the creation of ChatGPT, he later expressed criticism. Musk specifically disagreed with OpenAI's implementation of safeguards aimed at preventing the chatbot from generating biased or sexist responses.

In December, Musk tweeted, "The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly," in response to a Twitter user's query about turning off the "woke settings" on ChatGPT.

Musk's announcement of xAI comes several months after he voiced concerns in an interview about the potential for AI to cause "civilization destruction." He also joined other industry leaders in calling for a halt to what he referred to as an "out of control" AI race.

Further details about xAI are eagerly anticipated. With Elon Musk at the helm, this new venture has already generated considerable interest and curiosity within the tech and AI communities.