Teknologia 23 event will be held at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre from 7 to 9 November.

Science and technology

Finland is gearing up for significant investments in the hydrogen industry in the upcoming years. Hydrogen technology presents solutions for carbon-neutral energy production and expediting the green transition. The hydrogen industry will be a key focus at the Teknologia 23 event, taking place from 7th to 9th November at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

Teknologia 23, scheduled for 7th to 9th November, will be held at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

Hydrogen has been chosen as one of the four main discussion topics at the event, alongside the green transition, supply networks, and artificial intelligence. The hydrogen industry will be explored from various perspectives during the event.

"Hydrogen has the potential to reduce industrial emissions, enabling the industry to decrease its carbon footprint while increasing its carbon handprint. Several hydrogen-related projects are already underway, with an increasing number expected in the future. Hydrogen can significantly enhance industrial exports," says Matti Malkamäki, a hydrogen expert and founder of Hycamite.

While hydrogen is currently a topical issue in the industry and its societal importance is growing, it is not entirely new.

"Hydrogen has been used in Finnish industry since the 1910s. With the green transition, its significance has recently increased as the reduction of industrial emissions has become a priority. The potential of hydrogen has also caught the attention of political decision-makers, with the new Finnish government's program including many positive aspects related to hydrogen," explains Malkamäki.

Malkamäki will deliver a speech titled "The Hydrogen Revolution - What Opportunities Does It Give Us?" on Wednesday, 8th November, at the Teknologia 23 event. Hydrogen will also have its dedicated thematic area at the event.

Teknologia 23 Highlights Innovators and Future Employees

Apart from the program covering key topics and current phenomena in the technology industry, the Teknologia 23 event will host two competitions focused on industrial innovations, with an emphasis on start-ups and robotics.

The start-up competition, now in its third edition, aims to showcase new and significant technological solutions. The €10,000 prize, donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation, will be awarded for a noteworthy, creative, and innovative technological solution. Entries for the competition can be submitted on the event website until 31st August 2023.

The Amazing Robots competition, targeted at university students, seeks to increase the visibility and appeal of information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. The competition requires participants to create a robot that performs something interesting, with teams specifying what makes their robot unique. The winner of this competition will also receive a €10,000 prize. Registration for the competition is available through the event website.

On the first day of the event, 7th November, the Employer of the Future theme day will be held, targeting students. This day provides an opportunity for students from different universities to explore job prospects in the field. It is also a valuable platform for exhibiting companies to share information about current and future job opportunities in the sector.

In addition to the diverse program and competitions, the event will feature an extensive exhibition with nearly 400 exhibitors in the field. Teknologia 23 will culminate in an evening event on Wednesday, 8th November. The full program for the event will be published in August on the website www.teknologia23.fi.