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OpenAI-built ChatGPT shows that recent breakthroughs have increased the capabilities and intellect of artificial intelligence to a point where it may begin to surpass human intelligence.

According to Mashable website, this artificial intelligence chatbot can take enormous quantities of data, analyze it, and then generate content based on the GPT-4 language processing paradigm.

In fact, it can respond to almost any query posed to it. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning. A researcher in artificial intelligence has said that "everyone would perish" if AI is allowed to increase in intelligence unchecked.

On the surface, an AI chatbot is a really beneficial tool that can increase human efficiency and productivity. It may serve as a direct source of information accessible on the internet, allowing consumers to spend less time scrolling.

It can also evaluate massive quantities of text to provide users with information on a certain data point. Recently, ChatGPT helped properly identify a dog's ailment and saved his life, leaving veterinarians surprised.

There is also a negative aspect to this. Many of these dangers exist while AI is still in its infancy. This would explain why Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently signed a petition demanding that all AI operations be suspended until regulatory bodies can be established.


Source: ANI