Microchips are used in numerous different devices, such as mobile phones, mobile phone networks, and cars. Photo: Mikko Vares.

Science and technology

A national chip program initiative, called "Siruja Suomesta," has been proposed by the Semiconductor Industry Group of Technology Finland, along with other partners such as VTT, Tampere University, Aalto University, and the cities of Tampere and Espoo. The initiative aims to establish Finland as a European leader in semiconductor and quantum technology. The initiative will bring new expertise and growth to Finland, strengthen Europe's chip self-sufficiency and technological security, and create growth in high-tech expertise, innovation, and industry.

Finland is already one of the leading designers of mobile network system chips in the EU, and is also a pioneer in microelectronics and quantum technology. The initiative will focus on these strengths to create a European center for chip expertise. The United States and China are currently vying for control of the chip market, and Europe has created its own chip regulations to ensure self-sufficiency in the market. The "Siruja Suomesta" initiative aims to contribute to this goal.