Akihabara electric town in Tokyo, Japan

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Developing an embodied virtual-reality experience, has become a key component in global business. 3D virtual spaces for businesses are reforming enterprises along with achieving a milestone in Artificial Intelligence with each passing day.

This is a virtual space that recreates major tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan. Users can freely walk around places like Akihabara, which is known as an electronic town, and an old traditional shrine, along with enjoying the scenery and shopping.

An Official of Dai Nippon Printing, Katsotoshi Hamazaki said, "We believe that metaverse space is valuable only when the real world and the metaverse world are combined. To virtualize, we use 32 methods. Using DMAP to build a city and build facilities, we use laser-survey and transform its data to CG for each building. Now we are digitising old paintings. In the future, we will target museums and world heritage."

He said that it is a virtual space where users can participate as crew members of the International Space Station.

"With the cooperation of JAXA, "The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency," users can enjoy a real-time view by connecting to the real-time location of the space station," Hamazaki added.

Masayoshi Boku of Bascule said, "The International Space Station orbits the Earth in about 90 minutes. You can feel where you are flying while watching the International Space Station, so you can enjoy sunrise and sunset scenes all over the world, connecting the spectacular view from space.

Boku said that a metaverse is actually connected to reality and can create fantasy and various worlds. The most attractive places are well known, but they are difficult to move to.

"Every person goes to space together only in the virtual world. In its circumstances, young and senior, man and woman, everyone can go there. That is a very fantastic world. Using Metaverse, we would like to produce an envious place for everyone and provide an envious experience," he said.

Since the invention of the internet and Social Networking Services (SNS), the invention and upgradations of Metaverse technologies are attracting investments and users from around the world.


Source: ANI