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Far Cry 3 Review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

In these days of constant triple-A titles it's a joy to be reminded that every now and again one of them actually exceeds its promise - before roasting it with a flamethrower and kicking its charred corpse over the side of the boat. Far Cry 3 is an incredible game that, unless you have some weird natural abhorrence to FPS games you should go and buy immediately.


The Far Cry games have always had a reputation for pushing graphical boundaries, and this title is no exception. The islands upon which you roam freely are lush, verdant ecosystems with wild animals and exotic flora galore. As you progress through the game new areas open up with new vehicles to explore them with as the entertaining story unfolds.

One of the best things about the game is the way that it lets you play almost entirely the way you want. Will you be sneaky and stealth attack that enemy camp, or do you feel more creative, leaning towards getting that roaming tiger you saw a few minutes ago involved? The game is full of standout moments that really leave an impression on the gamer.

With a bevy of multiplayer modes in addition to the excellent single-player campaign, Ubisoft have really pushed the boat out with AC3 and now this in terms of value for money. You will spend a long time playing this game. It sucks you in in a way that other 'open-ended' adventures before just haven't, through creating an environment that more than anything feels and looks alive. It's a truly incredible technical achievement, and is so good that I'm having a really hard time actually thinking of bad things to say about it. Buy this game.