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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Tuesday that he predicts the COVID-19 vaccine booster shots will be effective for a year, but warned that more research needs to be done to assess their effectiveness.

"If I can take a prediction, it looks like it will last for a year, looks like there is a chance it will be like an annual vaccination," Bourla said during a virtual conversation at the Atlantic Council.

The Pfizer CEO noted that immunity wanes after six months for the second vaccine dose and suggested that one should wait and see until the additional tests concerning the boosters are completed.

"We know that we saw waning of immunity six months after the second dose," he said.

Bourla urged waiting at least several months for the additional research to be done before reaching more definite conclusions. However, he added that the booster dose gives a higher level of protection than the original dose.

Source: ANI / Sputnik