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The digital writing pad gives an opportunity to write and draw on a paper with automatic transfer to a digital file.Write and draw several pages of notes and designs on normal paper, connect your pad to the computer with a USB cable and continuing working on the same pages in digital form – that's what a new digital notepad Digilehtiö is all about.

The Digilehtiö writing pad is just big enough to accommodate an A4 paper block attached to it. The special pen is a normal ballpoint geared up with sensors. Grab the pen, write or draw what ever you want on the paper, connect the device to your computer via USB cable or take the SD-card out of the pad and into your card slot. It is ready to use after installing the software from a CD or Internet to the computer. The file opens up in an installed Memo Manager program where you can go on writing, typing or painting.

You can also open the file in another program such as MyScript Notes – which comes with a free 30-day-trial. MyScript can detect the handwriting and convert it into a text. This attempt was quite successful: the program managed to detect my messy handwriting almost 100 per cent, although a slight proofreading was needed. My "paper" was turned into "peter". But no worry, as the program has a learning function. You can write a designated text once and the program detects your way of scripting "p" or "4" and register them correctly next time.

The handwriting conversion doesn't support Finnish language yet, but this extension is about to come.

The final file can be saved in different formats and then sent via e-mail. The device also supports conversion to MS Word, Excel and Access. An extra Bluetooth connection for sending the files to an Android mobile device is also available.


• A digital writing pad that saves everything written and drawn on the paper to a digital version.

• Up to 1,000 pages of text and drawing can be written before it needs to be transferred to a computer.

• The device weighs 650 g, is slightly larger than A4 format and works on AAA-batteries.

• The price of Digilehtiö is about 300 euros.

• Additional info and retail: www.digilehtiö.fi

Digilehtiö can also be used for filling in paper documents. You need to scan a form, import it to the device as a background and start filling the form or editing its layout. The changes are saved to the right place on the scanned document. Then you can save the end result as a filled or new form.

DigilehtiöThe question is, do we really need yet another device in our already tech-heavy briefcases besides our smart phones, tablets and lap tops? In that sense, Digilehtiö is probably one step backwards to a compromise solution for those who still would like to have the familiarity and ease of writing and drawing on paper, but would need to have a digital final.



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