Rustica’s Italian marble mantelpiece “Pireo” 4,100€, wooden coffee table 476€, black mirror 278€.Furnishings fit for royalty, which combine both elegance and comfort.

IMAGINE coming home after a gruelling day at the office and being met by neutral colours and clean lines, plush upholstery and gentle lighting to rest your weary eyes.

Blending elegance with comfort is the hallmark of Cobello, a company founded 20 years ago by Seija Kytöniemi.

Step by step

From small beginnings, their speciality was loose upholstery from the elegant furniture houses of Italy.

The next step was to transform beautiful fabrics into covers and curtains custom-made for customers’ homes.

Since then, Cobello has gone from strength to strength. Expanding into the furniture market, they started importing from Italy but soon diversified. These days they source products from France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Denmark. However, they have never forgotten their roots, and there has always been a strong representation of Finnish furniture in their showroom.


Their selection is trendy, combining New England style sans nautical influence with a touch of old England in the luxurious leather and fabric armchairs, a sense of French chic in the slim cupboards and cabinets with delicate feet, and Finnish minimalism with its clean lines.

“All products are made from wood, iron, glass and other good materials including recycled supplies,” says Arnevi Kytöniemi, managing director of Cobello. High quality is a given, whether in imports or locally-made goods.

While their stuff is swish, they cater for the newlyweds, the family of four or more, and the settled retirees who like to be surrounded by beauty. Hence, there is something for every budget. “Our price categories make it possible to place something beautiful in every home”, says Kytöniemi.

“Relax” -sofa 1,699€ and glass cabinet 3,098€.Outlets

While they are still in operation in the heart of Helsinki on Kasarminkatu, their main store is nowadays situated in Vantaa, where they obviously have a lot more space to show off their product line.

Just walking through this store, the atmosphere is so inviting that you immediately feel relaxed and ready to pop your shoes off and put your feet up. They even have a café, decorated in their style with not a hint of plastic in sight, to cater for the partner who might not be that interested in scrutinising the fabrics.

Espoo is an area with people of all levels of affluence, and is the clear choice for their next venture. This double-storey store will open its doors sometime this autumn and promises to have a home-type atmosphere with even more pleasing goods.


Where Cobello is special is that they not only offer a showroom full of furniture to wander about, but are also willing to help you select the right item and give advice on interior design and decoration. Service is the key!