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If you wish to purchase a second home or dream to relocate to another country, or simply want to save your capitals and invest your savings, we are here to help you!

Prian is a multifunctional property search tool that has more than 100 000 real estate offers from more than 400 companies  in 82  countries around the world.  Navigating your international real estate search has never been easier!

 Exploring the opportunities of International Real Estate

In today's interconnected global environment, owning a property abroad has never been easier or more enticing. Have you ever dreamt of owning an apartment in Antalya for a mere 80k, or perhaps lounging in your own apartment on Phuket island priced at 115k, or even stepping into the opulence of a studio in Dubai for 229k? The possibilities are endless.

The options for using foreign real estate are multifaceted. Not only do you have the opportunity to escape the cold clasp of winter for sunny shores, but you could also consider relocating permanently. And when your property is not in use, you may simply rent it out, turning your investment into a source of passive income. Sounds alluring, doesnt it?

It's worth noting that international real estate isn't a novel idea. In many countries, foreigners play a significant role in the property market. For instance, in Southern European nations, foreigners make up 15-17% of all property buyers. This number jumps to 25% in Croatia. Meanwhile, the USA sees foreigners participating in 2.3% of all transactions. Yet, in places like Cyprus, foreigners account for a staggering 30% of the market.

Studying the complexities of international real estate

However, as tempting as the idea is, diving into the international real estate market can be a daunting task. Where should you invest? Which country offers the best returns? What sphere is poised for growth? How do you sift through the myriad of listings in different languages, decipher foreign currencies, and make sense of local property nuances?

While you can certainly trawl the internet for individual country listings and slowly piece together information, there's a more efficient way.

What is prian about and how can we help?

Recognising the growing interest and the challenges faced by foreign buyers, Prianoffers more than just property listings.

We provide invaluable insights into the real estate dynamics of specific countries, offering guidance on purchase procedures, property maintenance, tax implications, visa regulations, and even migration issues.


Unlike many other websites, which are focused on selecting properties in the domestic market of a particular country, PRIAN database contains more than 100,000 offers for sale and rent around the world.

Our resource is targeted at this specific category of foreign buyers who want to purchase real estate outside their country. We are a reliable guide that will help you to find answers to many reasonable questions.

In addition to a large database of property offers, we offer a truly unique informational content that will help you understand the situation in the real estate market of a selected country.

It is worth noting that our resource is multilingual and the information is available in English, German, Spanish and French.


Getting Started

For those new to navigating the international property market online, heres a quick starter guide:

1. Market Research:

Start with understanding the prevailing market trends of a chosen country. Dive deep into the characteristics of various regions and the investment prospects they offer. Prian.info regularly updates its users with articles and news pertinent to foreign buyers.

2. Pricing Insights:

Use the Price Statistics” feature on Prian.info to get a grasp on the average per-square-meter prices in your chosen market.

3. Property Search:

With a good understanding of the market, embark on your property search. Filter listings based on your criteria and even subscribe for regular updates.

4. When you have found the option that suites you best, don’t hesitate to contact the seller. There are phone numbers and direct links to instant messengers for your convenience.

5. And even if you can't find what you're looking for, you may a request, and realtors from the specific country will curate a list suited to your preferences.


The dream of owning a slice of paradise in a foreign land is very much within reach. With todays online resources the process is not only streamlined but also informed, ensuring that your investment is both sound and satisfying.


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