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TriZone’s smart series comes with a wireless timer and instructor which gives you stars for a good brushANYONE who has sees an X-ray picture taken from the head of a child for the first time, is in for a surprise. The scene is almost horror-movie like, with two rows of teeth one over the other, inside the jaw and the palate bones. We are all born with all the teeth we are going to have in our mouth for the rest of our lives.

Taking care of the dental hygiene goes back to the early human history and the beginnings of civilization, and the instruments of this task have evolved constantly.

There is a vast amount of research on how to brush your teeth and how many times, what toothpaste to use and how to floss. The advantage of using electrical toothbrushes has been confirmed in many of those results. The difference compared to hand movement is enormous. Both dentists and electrical toothbrush makers have been trying to convince the last die-hards to convert to electrical.

Now Oral-B has come up with a revolutionary new product which could help the last hand-held brushers convert and many of the electrical brush users change to this new model. It has taken Oral-B seven years to develop the unique TriZone technology, which combines the best of manual and electric brushing. Trizone is promised to remove 100 per cent more plaque than with manual brushing. TriZone brush head is a change back to the traditional longer form after many Oral-B models with the rounded head, moving in half circles. TriZone’s brushes move sidewise and there are three distinct areas of movement.

TriZone comes in different models with the high end Smart series on the top. Smart eries include a wireless timer, which not only tells you how long you have brushed your teeth, but also when to change quarters. A red light warns you about pressing too hard, so bye bye bent brush heads!