"I understand from experience how important it is to get support when you're in a really bad place. I want to encourage people to dare to ask for help, because there's nothing embarrassing or shameful about it," says Samu Haber, the face of this year's Peace of Mind campaign. Photo: Janita Autio

Health & wellbeing

The annual Peace of Mind campaign, now in its seventh year, is set to unfold in 2024, underlining the universal need for comfort during challenging times. With the theme centered around consolation, the campaign aims to spark conversations about mental health and raise funds for mental health work and crisis intervention in Finland, acknowledging the increased demand for such services amidst global crises and economic instability.

The initiative encourages participation through the wearing of the green Peace of Mind ribbon and making donations to support the cause. Information about how to get involved can be found on the campaign's website starting April 3, 2024.

Samu Haber, the face of this spring's campaign, shares his personal experiences with mental health challenges, emphasizing the importance of seeking help without shame or embarrassment. "I understand from experience how crucial it is to have support when you're in a really bad place," Haber says, acknowledging his own sensitivity and struggles with life and self. His message aims to inspire people to reach out for help, highlighting that assistance from both personal networks and professionals has been indispensable to him.

The 2024 Peace of Mind ribbon, designed by Henna Lampinen, carries a message of hope and the significance of even the smallest gesture of comfort to someone navigating through their mental fog. Lampinen, awarded the Young Designer of the Year in 2023, chose to depict two embracing figures as a symbol of empathy and understanding, infusing the design with her personal touch and the belief in the power of unity and compassion in divisive times.

Through the voices of Haber and Lampinen, the Peace of Mind campaign invites everyone to contribute to a more supportive and understanding society, reinforcing the idea that no one should have to face their struggles alone.