An ambulance and the HUS logo at the HUS Meilahti hospital area in Helsinki on October 19, 2021. LEHTIKUVA

Health & wellbeing

The Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) has received 12 recommendations from its inspection board, primarily focusing on ensuring timely access to healthcare and securing sufficient personnel resources. Additionally, the board emphasizes the need for enhanced information regarding the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatments to guide decision-making and operational planning.

On June 15, 2023, the HUS assembly will review the inspection board's evaluation report for the year 2022. The report covers various aspects, including access to care, information on treatment effectiveness, customer engagement in service development, the Apotti system, procurement of expert services, and external oversight of HUS. In collaboration with the inspection boards of municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area, an evaluation was conducted to assess the development of mental health services for children and youth.

In 2022, HUS encountered multiple challenges, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, labour disputes, and issues related to staffing availability. Additionally, preparations for healthcare and organizational reforms demanded attention. Nevertheless, several positive developments took place. Cataract surgery operations were successfully optimised through workforce allocation improvements, while access to emergency care was enhanced through remote consultations. HUS employees expressed higher satisfaction with leadership, and efforts were made to prioritize and manage necessary changes to the Apotti system. HUS surpassed the energy savings target set in the municipalities' energy efficiency agreement over three years ahead of schedule and became the first hospital district to create a climate roadmap. Furthermore, procurement processes were refined, leading to a reduction in non-competitive procurements.

12 Recommendations for Improving HUS Operations

The evaluation report presents 12 recommendations for enhancing HUS operations. The inspection board highlights the following recommendations as essential:

  1. Define strategic goals and indicators for the strategic period to ensure measurable goal attainment.
  2. Increase the availability of information on the cost-effectiveness of services and utilize it for decision-making and operational guidance.
  3. Utilize all available means, such as recruiting individuals with secondary education, leveraging auxiliary personnel, and exploring international recruitment to secure sufficient staffing levels.
  4. Ensure compliance with legally mandated access to care within prescribed timeframes.
  5. Strengthen the production and utilization of treatment effectiveness data.
  6. Continuously improve the usability of the Apotti system and investigate its impact on productivity, while ensuring adequate system proficiency among staff. The previous recommendation regarding the availability of necessary information and reports for operational management from Apotti remains relevant.
  7. Collaborate to establish seamless, cross-organizational care and service chains for mental health services for children and youth and substance abuse services.

The inspection board's evaluation report and evaluation memos from 2022 can be accessed here.

The recommendations provided by the HUS inspection board offer valuable guidance for improving healthcare delivery and organizational effectiveness. By addressing critical areas such as access to care, staffing, treatment effectiveness, and the usability of the Apotti system, HUS can enhance its services and decision-making processes. The hospital district's positive achievements in various areas underscore its commitment to providing high-quality care, embracing energy efficiency, and implementing sound procurement practices. Through continuous development and implementation of the inspection board's recommendations, HUS can strengthen its position as a leading healthcare provider in Finland.