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According to information from Pohjola Insurance, the average compensation for electric scooter accidents is around 900 euros. Every tenth accident requiring insurance coverage resulted in surgical treatment. The use of shared vehicles has increased in several cities in recent years. Electric scooters have surpassed city bikes in popularity, according to Traficom's data for the beginning of the year. The melted pavements and sunny weather invite people to scoot around.

"City cycling and electric scooter riding are convenient ways to get around and, at best, enable smooth mobility in the city. With the increased popularity, we see more and more accidents.," says Atte Erkamo, responsible for Pohjola Insurance's personal customer insurance.

Electric scooter accidents are most commonly caused by falls due to the front wheel hitting, for example, cobblestones, paving stones, or manhole covers.

"Especially in early spring, the cause of falling is emphasized by changes in the ground, i.e., accidents caused by frost-damaged soil, gravel, and sand. Injuries caused by falls often affect the hands, knees, and ankles, and unfortunately also the head area. That means everything from dental injuries to serious brain injuries," Erkamo says.

It is typical for electric scooter accidents that a person injures many different parts of their body when they fall. In one-tenth of the accidents requiring compensation from Pohjola Insurance, the situation is so serious that surgery is needed.

"The average compensation amount for electric scooter accidents is around 900 euros. The average cost of surgery is just under 3500 euros. Some of the accidents that lead to them could be avoided with attention and by driving smartly," Erkamo says.

In addition to falls, electric scooters also collide with other people or vehicles. Usually, this is an accident, but in individual cases, disputes over the use of electric scooters have led to even assaults. Pohjola Insurance's data also shows injuries from electric scooters without even using them. These are mainly injuries caused by tripping over electric scooters or injuries that occur while carrying them.

Gross negligence can lead to a closer review of compensation

The Ministry of Transport and Communications also wants to address the challenges brought by electric scooters. Its proposal is to ban the parking of electric scooters on pavements, move improperly parked electric scooters at the cost of the rider, and introduce a blood alcohol limit. Pohjola Insurance can reduce or even deny compensation if a person has been grossly negligent in an accident situation. Gross negligence can be caused, among other things, by intoxication.

"Especially when the popularity of electric scooters grows, everyone must pay attention to traffic safety. It is important to follow traffic rules, focus on driving, and, above all, ensure your own safety and the safety of others," Erkamo says.