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The use of Finnish electronic prescriptions in Europe is expanding. Spain is the latest country to join the scheme. In the first phase, six regions in Spain will be included in the service.

You can now purchase medicines from pharmacies in six regions in Spain using a Finnish electronic prescription. The regions are:

  • Aragon
  • Basque Country
  • Extremadura
  • The Canary Islands
  • Catalonia
  • The Community of Madrid.

Elsewhere in Spain, such as on the Costa del Sol, which is popular among Finns, preparations are still under way to implement the service.

Correspondingly, it is now also possible to buy medicines in Finland using a Spanish electronic prescription. In addition to Spain, Finnish prescriptions are accepted in Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, and Poland.

Checklist for purchasing prescription medicines abroad using a Finnish electronic prescription

Please consider the following before taking a Finnish prescription to a pharmacy abroad

  • Take your passport or photo ID card with you to the pharmacy.
  • Check kanta.fi to see if the medicine you wish to buy can be purchased abroad.
  • The use of Finnish electronic prescriptions in Europe is gradually expanding, so before travelling, check whether the service is in use at your destination.
  • You can only purchase medicines using your own prescription. It is not possible to purchase medicines on behalf of another adult or a child.
  • To receive Kela reimbursement for medicine you have purchased abroad, please submit your application electronically using OmaKela (kela.fi) after your trip.

The European ePrescription makes medical care easier for travellers

The aim of the European ePrescription is to ensure continuity of care and safe medical treatment for people travelling around Europe. If a person needs medicines while staying in another European country, they can buy them from a pharmacy in that country.

Prescription data can be shared reliably and efficiently using the shared digital services. A European ePrescription also supports the management of the patient’s medication overall.

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