Nurses at the children's and youth emergency department at the Turku University Hospital (Tyks) Lighthouse Hospital on February 15, 2024. LEHTIKUVA

An extensive study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has shown significant improvements in working times and occupational safety within the social welfare and healthcare sector, thanks to the implementation of the Working Time Traffic Light Model and updated shift ergonomics recommendations.

The study, which analyzed data from the “Sote-työajat” cohort spanning from 2008 to 2022 and included over 80,000 employees,

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An office worker in Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA

A new study has revealed that taking short walking breaks, termed "office walks," is the most effective way to mitigate the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting. The research, conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), shows that just two minutes of walking every half hour can significantly reduce discomfort and improve overall well-being for office workers.

The SitFit study by FIOH aimed to identify practical methods for reducing the negative impacts of sedentary work.

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Photo: STUK

Melanoma incidence in Finland is on the rise, particularly among the younger population who often underestimate the long-term health risks posed by sun exposure. Despite increasing awareness about the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, many young Finns are failing to adopt adequate sun protection measures.

The Finnish Cancer Registry reported a significant uptick in melanoma cases, with 1,028 men and 811 women diagnosed in 2023.

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Ambulance in front of the Peijas Hospital emergency clinic in the Vantaa and Kerava welfare area, in Vantaa, on January 2, 2023. LEHTIKUVA

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) has recently faced a shortage of staff, resulting in the postponement of pre-planned orthopedic surgeries at Siltasairaala. Currently, the operating room resources are being used to attend to emergency trauma and neurosurgery patients. Despite this setback, orthopedic surgeries are continuing as usual at other HUS hospitals, such as Peijaksen, Lohjan, Hyvinkää, and Porvoon.

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A cyclist at the Oittaa outdoor area in Espoo on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024. LEHTIKUVA

A recent study conducted by the National PET Centre and the UKK Institute suggests that even light physical activity is associated with better metabolic flexibility in sedentary, overweight adults at risk of diabetes. Conversely, prolonged sitting may impair the efficient utilization of nutrients.

Lifestyle habits influence fat and sugar metabolism. Limited movement and excessive sitting often lead to reduced metabolism and energy expenditure, resulting in weight gain if energy intake exceeds expenditure.

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Boy withdrawn in a stairwell. LEHTIKUVA

A recent study conducted by the Research Centre for Child Psychiatry at the University of Turku has highlighted a significant increase in anxiety symptoms among young people. By comparing extensive population-level surveys of the psychosocial well-being of children aged 8-9 and adolescents aged 13-16 before and after the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers observed not only a noticeable rise in anxiety and difficulties but also a dramatic escalation particularly among girls in a relatively short period.

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Old lady walking with rollator. LEHTIKUVA

A study by the University of Turku has revealed that changes in physical activity around the time of retirement significantly impact weight and blood cholesterol levels. The Finnish Retirement and Aging (FIREA) study utilized wearable motion sensors to track physical activity changes as workers transitioned from employment to retirement and examined the health effects of these changes.

The research found that a majority of retirees experienced a decrease in physical activity, replaced by more sleep and sedentary behavior.

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"I understand from experience how important it is to get support when you're in a really bad place. I want to encourage people to dare to ask for help, because there's nothing embarrassing or shameful about it," says Samu Haber, the face of this year's Peace of Mind campaign. Photo: Janita Autio

The annual Peace of Mind campaign, now in its seventh year, is set to unfold in 2024, underlining the universal need for comfort during challenging times. With the theme centered around consolation, the campaign aims to spark conversations about mental health and raise funds for mental health work and crisis intervention in Finland, acknowledging the increased demand for such services amidst global crises and economic instability.

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Woman inspecting glasses. LEHTIKUVA

In Finland, the length of waiting lists for eye healthcare services has reached alarming proportions, with nearly 29,000 individuals awaiting treatment. This situation has underscored a significant challenge within the Finnish healthcare system, particularly in addressing non-urgent specialized medical care, which, by law, should commence no later than six months after the need for care has been identified.

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Photo: Colourbox

The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare's annual report for 2023 has shed light on a disturbing trend affecting Finland's youngest generation. Over 20,000 children and teenagers reached out for help through the League's phone, chat, and online letter services, revealing a troubling pattern of mental abuse inflicted by adults. Nearly one-fifth of these communications were centered around mental health concerns, frequently linked to familial strife and maltreatment experiences, underscoring the need for holistic family support rather than focusing solely on the symptoms of the youth.

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In Finland, birch is the most common cause of pollen allergy. 80 - 90% of those allergic to birch also experience symptoms from alder and hazel pollen. Photo: Satu Karmavalo, STUDIO KOO photography, Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation

In Finland, addressing pollen allergies in children is seen as a crucial step toward reducing the incidence of asthma and subsequently healthcare costs, emphasized by the Allergy, Skin, and Asthma Federation during Allergy Week, March 18–24. Poorly managed pollen allergies significantly increase the likelihood of developing asthma, especially in children, adolescents, and young adults. Effective treatment of pollen allergies in healthcare could lead to a decrease in asthma cases and, consequently, a reduction in societal healthcare expenditures.

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